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CardName: Starlight Wings Cost: WB Type: Enchantment - Aura Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Enchant creature Enchanted creature gets +2/+2 and has flying. When enchanted creature dies, return Starlight Wings to the battlefield transformed. Flavour Text: Back side: CardName: Starlight Bird Cost: Type: Enchantment Creature - Bird Pow/Tgh: 2/2 Rules Text: Flying Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Pyrulea Uncommon

Starlight Wings
Enchantment – Aura
Enchant creature
Enchanted creature gets +2/+2 and has flying.
When enchanted creature dies, return Starlight Wings to the battlefield transformed.
Starlight Bird
Enchantment Creature – Bird
Updated on 20 Oct 2020 by SecretInfiltrator

Code: UZ02

Active?: true

History: [-]

2016-11-12 11:34:50: SecretInfiltrator created and commented on the card Starlight Wings

Positive DFC Aura.

2016-11-12 11:36:52: SecretInfiltrator edited Starlight Wings

That's kind of cool. It's the opposite of what we've done on some other cards, where the creature dies to transform into an aura. Not sure how black this feels other than being based on death though.

I'd vote for this for the slot. I like how it plays off the enchantment theme and is sort of the inverse of what we've done on other DFC enchantments.

The only thing that might make me want Trials of the Oltac for this slot is that it directly support the {w/b} archetype, while this is just a good enchantment. I do like this but we could have a mono color enchantment that does a similar thing instead.

2017-12-21 23:04:18: SecretInfiltrator edited Starlight Wings:

fixed frame color

2018-11-08 13:13:37: SecretInfiltrator edited Starlight Wings:

filling Draft Archetype Uncommon slots

Would this be better with the creature half upfront?

Creative: "Starlight" is a concept that doesn't apply to Pyrulea the same way as it applies to other places. Crepuscular?

2018-11-08 13:14:28: SecretInfiltrator edited Starlight Wings

Technically, the triggered ability could be shortened to "when enchanted creature dies, you may return ~ from your graveyard to the battlefield transformed," since state based actions happen before triggered abilities. I don't think it should be a may effect, but that's minor

2018-11-09 05:53:41: SecretInfiltrator edited Starlight Wings:

was: "When ~ is put into a graveyard, if enchanted creature died, you may return ~ to the battlefield transformed."

I recall we had a cycle that turns from creatures into auras too, but I think this works fine this way because of W/B enchantment theme, it makes sense that this one would be an enchantment that turns into a creature instead.

I like the idea of an Aura turning into a creature upon death more than vice-versa because the creature dying might be your last one and then you lose the Aura as well.

Ideally obviously you could just play the creature-side so you don't have a dead card in hand if you have no creature to enchant, but then we just have bestow.

This card is bestow without the creature option. Is it good? Is it bad? I don't know.

It also doesn't get you the 2/2 if the enchanted creature gets bounced or exiled. Bestow's transformation happens any time the enchanted creature leaves the battlefield in any way.

Still looks fine to me though. Reminiscent of Griffin Guide.

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