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CardName: Savvy Infiltrator Cost: 1U Type: Creature - Rogue Pow/Tgh: 2/1 Rules Text: Savvy Infiltrator can't be blocked as long as you control a Thopter. Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Tesla Project Uncommon

Savvy Infiltrator
Creature – Rogue
Savvy Infiltrator can't be blocked as long as you control a Thopter.
Updated on 20 Sep 2016 by Doombringer


History: [-]

2016-09-02 13:58:48: Jay Treat created and commented on the card Savvy Infiltrator

Could arguably be common. Or bigger.

It seems appropriately sized for itself. However, it's so flexible, it will probably be bent to fit the shape of the hole it will eventually fill.

Right. This is a hole-filler, through and through. It feels weird without making a Thopter itself.

Unblockable is strong enough. It clearly advertises what deck it belongs in, works well enough in that archetype, and isn't super confusing. I'm fine with it

I agree it's strong enough, it just feels weird.

I would argue you've been making thopter cards for too long when this looks off just b/c it's not automatically unblockable. Let the players earn some fun.

2016-09-20 13:48:44: Doombringer edited Savvy Infiltrator:

removing from skeleton

what is happening?

That question is kinda philosophical, Jay.

Right now this isn't in the skeleton because we have a lot of 2-drops

Thanks. That information is helpful. Vital, even. Everyone but you and Doombringer had no context for this large round of cuts, which means we can't work effectively (and the lack of communications makes us feel irrelevant).

Ah, I see. Right now, we're actually not cutting based on criteria, but more just cleaning up the skeleton so it only accurately portrays what has been for-sure decided to be in. For example, this card was designed directly into the skeleton (alongside many of the others in the recent cuts), rather than designed first then added to the skeleton later. Once we see all the options we have, then we'll add them to the skeleton afterwards.

Cards that have been cut from the skeleton aren't off the table, in other words. They're just not locked in the skeleton either.

You're right that I should have been more clear. My apologies.

Ah. Good to know. Thanks.

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