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This page will contain the rough storyline for Tesla.

Telsa is set on Kaladesh, Chandra's home plane. Chandra has returned home with Jace to investigate a strange disturbance in the plane's leylines that seems to be spreading to multiple planes. They find the Consulate has only grown more corrupt and authoritarian since Chandra's childhood. Now using their mysterious Aether Canisters on an industrial scale to power their regime. Meanwhile a revolution is brewing that sees Chandra's return as an opportunity to further their own goals.

Plot Outline:

Chandra arrives on Kaladesh with Jace to investigate a strange disturbance in the plane's leylines that seems to be spreading to multiple planes.

Chandra into fight with consul justice people,

Chandra Burns down an outskirt district, separating herself with Jace.

She gets whisked to saftey by Siv

Chandra helps the revolt people somehow (How?),

Baral hears rumors of her return, Baral kills Siv, tries to kill chandra

Siv's death lead to the open revolt and Chandra becomes the new leader of the Revolution.

Meanwhile jace (or maybe nissa) is investigating the true nature of Canisters and the Consul (Canisters are the cause of the disturbences, Suljet is now basically Skynet.),

Suljet is only hours away from her own (robotic) revolution.

Story Moments to add to cards:

The start of the Revolt

the discovery of the consul's nature

Chandra's initial arrival

Siv's Death

Suljet's planned robot revolution


Canisters contain the distilled AEther, pulled from the leylines of the plane acting as batteries of mana that can be used by mages with little to no magical talent. The creation of canisters nearly ten years ago sparked explosive progress on Kaladesh, nearly single handedly leading to the current vital role of the Consul, tightening their monopoly and starting a campaign of discrimination against mages who could naturally tap into the plane's mana. A disposition that has only grown stronger.

However unknown to all but the highest members of the Consul and the most sensitive practitioners of natural magic, when an AEther canister is created it slightly damages the leylines that created it. Meaning that while the cities thrive with artifice and mana, the "Borderlands" sink further into squalor as the vitality of the land drains away - and if this continues for too much longer, the plane at large will be threatened. This has created a series of famines, food riots and other resentments in the Borderlands that played a part in the Revolutionary faction's creation. This is also the cause of the multiverse wide disturbances that lead the Gatewatch to investigate.



Siv Katari, Rebel Leader:

Baral, Blade of Retribution: He is white ideals via black means. Basically he wants peace (via the consulate) but as he sees Chandra as a huge threat to that peace he will do anything to neutralize her. His near death experience via the hands of Chandra has twisted into an obsession.

Suljet, The Cog Mind:



Other Info The districts have great wealth but little privacy or human rights etc

People from the outlands are discriminated against, especially the nonhuman races.

The consulate uses its control of the corrupt courts to override anyone who stands in the way of what they perceive as progress

Technology has left societal aspects like spirituallity in the dust

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