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CardName: Oasis Cost: Type: Land Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: {T}: Add {U} to your mana pool. You gain 1 life. Spend this mana only on white spells and abilities. Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Magic Essentials: The Eternal Core Set Uncommon

{t}: Add {u} to your mana pool. You gain 1 life. Spend this mana only on white spells and abilities.
Updated on 21 Jul 2015 by LivesByProxy

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2015-01-02 19:25:52: LivesByProxy created the card Oasis
2015-01-02 19:33:22: LivesByProxy edited Oasis
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2015-05-05 05:00:32: LivesByProxy edited Oasis

It might be preferable for this to ETB tapped, produce the mana unconditionally, and only gain life if you control plains.

What I'm going for is: giving a mostly monowhite player a splash of blue, without including islands or dual lands. I agree that it's not a good card currently. I'm still mulling it over. @.@

2015-05-17 22:17:19: LivesByProxy edited Oasis
2015-07-20 02:05:35: LivesByProxy edited Oasis

I'm sure this isn't your final version, but at the moment this is a Plains, so it can tap for {w} unconditionally in addition to the conditional blue mana, which is far too good.

I'd argue that Seraph Sanctuary infers that this is too powerful by a considerable amount (the Sanctuary fetches 2.9 stars. Seems a lot of people are comfortable with its power level.) It doesn't take much for a land that produces colorless to be better than a land that produces mana...

Also, name taken by Oasis.

2015-07-21 21:16:43: LivesByProxy edited Oasis

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