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CardName: Leonin Absolver Cost: W{w/b} Type: Creature - Cat Pow/Tgh: 2/2 Rules Text: Instants and sorceries have "exile this spell at it resolves." Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Telengor Uncommon

Leonin Absolver
Creature – Cat
Instants and sorceries have "exile this spell at it resolves."
Updated on 07 Mar 2017 by Alex


History: [-]

2014-02-12 18:53:25: Circeus created and commented on the card Leonin Absolver

Didn't struck me as belonging into any peculiar color combination, so I just stuck it into the ne color with least cards.

2014-02-13 15:35:41: Circeus edited Leonin Absolver:

oups, wrong mana cost

Is this the counterpart version of Samurai of the Pale Curtain?

Pretty nice hoser. Nice, simple.

Colourwise - blue gets to mess with how magic works, the most. White does like to pacify and exile things, so I can see that. Green gets a say for creatures that die staying dead; not so much spells. Though it does get a bit of "Ok, that's not natural; get rid of it". Black; not really so much - I could see it with a life cost attached. And read really doesn't get to do it; it would be more likely to get a one-sided self harm version attached to a big explosion.

Black has precedent in Leyline of the Void.

You're aware this is just a variation of Dryad Militant's ability?

2015-09-03 21:09:37: Circeus moved the card Leonin Absolver from Ankh-Duat into Suvnica dumping ground
2016-06-23 02:38:25: Circeus moved the card Leonin Absolver from Suvnica dumping ground into AEther War
2016-06-23 02:38:31: Circeus moved the card Leonin Absolver from AEther War into Telengor
2017-02-24 14:43:05: Alex edited Leonin Absolver:

fix frame by including / in the hybrid symbol

2017-02-24 14:44:50: Alex edited Leonin Absolver

Hm, it looks like I've broken my CSS code. Looks like there's no way to give these cards a properly monocolour frame at the moment - the hybrid detection code is overriding even if you explicitly set the frame to "White". Sorry about that. I'll try to get that fixed.

I had noticed the problem a while ago, but I thought it was by design, so I didn't say anything ^_^;;;

It's meant to give pinlines of the hybrid colour, but the background frame is meant to do what you say. It's a hard decision making the judgement call how much to override people's choices to the "right" thing and how much to let them override. MSE and Multiverse lean differently on different aspects - e.g. I think MSE enforces the "right" order of mana symbols, so you can have a card costing {r}{w} but not {w}{r}; Multiverse doesn't enforce that, so you can have strange things like Clone and Counterclone.

...Though Maro thinks it should go back to the gold look! :P ;)

> jdrawer01 asked: What color frame would a card with cost {1}{u}{u/b} have?
> A gold frame with blue and black pin lines as it’s a blue and black card.

If you agree, you can get there by removing the / from the { W / B } mana symbol... :)
(I still plan to fix this bug though.)

If it matters, I'm of the opinion that it should have a hybrid frame. This is no more black than Unmake.

Hybrid is far worse than gold because it can't be cast for black-only mana, which is the major reason that hybrid frames are that way.

Clearly, this card needs to have a white border on the left side, and a gold border with a black and white pinstripe on the right side. #sarcasm

snerk For the record it used to be all white with hybrid pinstripes.

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