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CardName: Clone and Counterclone Cost: {U}{3}{U} Type: Instant Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Two target creatures each become a copy of the other. Flavour Text: I'll be you / you'll be me / we'll be a happy family... Set/Rarity: My Universe, My Rules Rare

Clone and Counterclone
Two target creatures each become a copy of the other.
I'll be you / you'll be me / we'll be a happy family...
Updated on 08 Jun 2017 by Vitenka


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2017-02-22 17:39:38: Vitenka created and commented on the card Clone and Counterclone

Re: Temporary Curse

So this isn't always just plain worse than control magic, you can use it to give them a punishment creature. But usually you have to give them at least a chump-blocker.

And it's almost always better than Clone; since it takes away their creature as well as giving it to you.

So, huh, that's really hard to price. Control Magic is more costly nowadays than it used to be, so I'll stick with that price.

On third thoughts though, this can't be Disenchanted. So maybe it does need to be CMC5 after all. Eh, stick with 4 as a first attempt.

Dinosaur flavour text, due to the set I'm inspired by; and we're done.

2017-02-22 17:39:59: Vitenka edited Clone and Counterclone

Was: "Target creature you control, and target creature you do not control" - but why. Expanded to just "Two target creatures" which is much more fun in multiplayer. And upcosted it.

Amusingly, even in 2-player, there's still uses to use this on two creatures that a single player controls. Enchantment, and even equipment.

Interestingly, even if this only targeted your own creatures, it would still be a fun ability at instant speed. It would be a neat way to 'switch' blockers, 'redirect' spells, or just let you 'sacrifice' your worst creature and let you cast a second version of your best creature, when combined with Unsummon.

Yeah, seems well-placed. Also comparable to Switcheroo, but different enough it makes sense to exist separately.

2017-02-23 09:18:29: Vitenka edited Clone and Counterclone:

Mmm, I think instant is too flexibly confusing... but meh; it's already cost 5 and rare. Let's do it.

Yeah, this is great in a General Jarkeld kind of way even if you're using it only on creatures with the same controller :)

2017-06-08 09:16:14: Vitenka edited Clone and Counterclone:


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