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CardName: Discreet Intruder Cost: U Type: Creature - Human Rogue Pow/Tgh: 1/2 Rules Text: Hexproof Probe (Whenever Discreet Intruder becomes blocked, you may untap Discreet Intruder and remove it from combat.) Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Name That Card Common

Discreet Intruder
Creature – Human Rogue
Probe (Whenever Discreet Intruder becomes blocked, you may untap Discreet Intruder and remove it from combat.)
Updated 3 days ago by jmgariepy

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2020-11-22 05:04:52: jmgariepy created and commented on the card Discreet Intruder

Welcome back! It's been a long time since Gustcloak Runner and friends popped up in Onslaught. Which is kind of odd, because this is a great bluffing mechanic... it honestly could have been keyworded and slipped into most any set. Maybe this is the missing blue/black evergreen creature keyword mechanic that Wizard has searching for?

Either way, I felt it was about time the mechanic came back. You get to name the card, the keyword, and the creature type. Do avoid using the word 'gustcloak', however, since this set does not take place in Otaria, and the name was only ever a loose thematic connection anyways.

Oh, interesting challenge! The gustcloak ability never felt very interesting but you're right, it's like half of unblockable, it fits a tricky sneaky flavour at least as well as a protective one.

Fblthp Spy

Creature - Homonculus


Fright (Whenever Fblthp Spy becomes blocked, you may untap Fblthp Spy and remove it from combat.)

He was supposed to spy Adisha the Portal Mage for helping Fblthp to go back home. But he is so indiscreet that the passers-by took it for a watcher and chase him.

Mechanic name: Recoup

Aw, Fright is cute! Like fear, but backwards :)

Let me submit:

Card name: Master Escapist
Creature: Human Rogue
Mechanic name: Infiltrate

I wanted an "escape artist flavour but was torn between leaning rogue and leaning wizard, you have to pick one or the other.

My take on the flavor of this mechanic is 'testing the defenses'.

For example, say a well-fortified city was being starved out during a siege, since the enemy army can't manage to take the city, but they can manage to hold the supply lines.

It stands to reason that occasionally they would want to have little skirmishes at the border, to weaken the defenses, keep everyone in a state of panic, and possibly even manage to infiltrate.

I couldn't find the perfect would for the mechanic to represent this, though.

Card Name: Discreet Intruder

Creature Type: Human Rogue

Mechanic Name: Probe

2020-11-29 04:16:27: jmgariepy edited Discreet Intruder

A close race as far as these things go, but Froggychum slips ahead of the pack. See everybody on NTC #052!

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