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Remaking Al-Weh'jed with a few differences

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On Al Weh'jed 2.0 (reply):

Scharazad is a planeswalker. Even though Al-Weh'jedeen law forbid breaching of Realities, or planes, Scharazad used her planeswalking skills to tell new stories every night to her betrothed the Tyrant Sovereign Irakhep, lest being executed. Slowly, Irakhep and Scharazad started to develop a bond that soon became romance. On the 999th morning of her betrothal, Scharazad planeswalked into somewhere familiar... Al-Weh'jed in the distant future.

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Exile target permanent or spell. Its controller exiles the top card of his or her library. If it's a permanent card, put it onto the battlefield, otherwise its controller casts that card if able.
Legendary Creature – Human
At the beginning of each end step, untap each creature you control.
{t}: Put a +1/+1 counters on each other creature.
"Behold divine Ankhwet; Sovereign of the House of Al-Wehjed, upholder of Ma'at."
Illus. CherishedMemories
Target creature gets -4/-4 until the end of turn.
Alas, the great clay General of the Warleader was no match for the unnamed Elephant God.
Legendary Enchantment – Shrine
{x}{x}{u}: Target player puts the top X cards of his or her library into the graveyard. This ability cost {2} less to activate for each Shrine you control.
last 2015-06-06 08:48:41 by 10vernothin
Creature – Human Cleric
When Keeper of the Sanctum enters or leaves the battlefield, target player loses 1 life.
Transfigure {2}{b} ({2}{b}, sacrifice this creature: Search your library for a creature card with the same converted mana cost and put it into play, then shuffle your library. Activate only as a sorcery.)

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On Crypt of Ordeals:

this is ultimately a B/W card, and mechanically my B/W in set bleeds you. I think a little bit of bleed should be alright.

At common, players can construct a "dungeon" type deck where you play multiples of these enchantments and let other more aggressive decks try to beat the clock. Of course, two "dungeon" type decks will probably be slow, but so is two Orzhov matchups

On Crypt of Ordeals:

Sounds interesting. I'm curious how {r/g} will be "establishment".

On this card: it looks good, very good. I don't think this effect has been at common before, unless you count Syndic of Tithes and friends. It's been coming down in price though: Subversion was a 5-mana rare, and Agent of Masks was a 5-mana uncommon, and Drana's Emissary is a 3-mana uncommon.

I'm not sure this is okay in hybrid though, because drain isn't really white. White has tiny bits of lifedrain, but generally due to hybrid (the {w/b} symbol in Extort's reminder text) or other colour pie bleeds (Suture Priest was in New Phyrexia).

On Crypt of Ordeals:

limited, I want a "dungeon master" vs "champions" subgame.

"establishment" are the W/B, U/B, U/G, W/G and R/G

"underdogs" are U/R, U/W, R/W, R/B, B/G

On Mystic of the Desert:

It blanks counterspells, that's the point. I mean, snapcaster is TOO strong imo so...

On Mystic of the Desert:

The key point about this vs Snapcaster is this doesn't provide any card advantage, unless an opponent's counterspell is on the stack.

On Mystic of the Desert:

probably not because it's not blue. But eh.

On Mystic of the Desert:

Don't get me wrong. I like the card, and it's poewrful, but I don't think it's a Snapcaster Mage. I could be wrong, though.

On Mystic of the Desert:

well. I want it to be at least fair.

This will do wonder in R as an aggro card being a 3/1 with haste and against U matchups.

On Ma'at Upheld:

The first and third abilities look like they should be replacement effects rather than triggers.

On Mystic of the Desert:

If that's true, I don't think this is the effect you're looking for. It's just a more limited Vexing Shusher in most cases, except when you're casting Emrakul or one of his kin.

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