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I'm not really tied to any rareness or cost at the moment - I just want to get the ideas down.

Some random thoughts on where this might be going.

  • Evoke might be flavourfully restricted to red and black. Red because it's a fast colour, and Evoke allows impatience, and black because it allows small cost for some gain, at the expense of a creature.

  • Blue, and possibly White, will be averse to Evoke. Thematically, I'm not sure why yet, but it feels right.

I would welcome ideas on the new mechanics.

Augment is obviously very similar to Splice; but, unlike Splice, it potentially has huge memory problems. That creature over there? Yeah, don't forget that it actually has the text of this card in my hand as well.

Now, if you limit yourself to ETB effects, you'll be ok.

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