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On this world, there are two "castes": White/Blue, and Red/Green/Black.

White: White (Leucian) are the non-scientific/arcane members of the White/Blue caste. They encompass the ruling class and the ordinary civilians. The government is ostensibly in charge of the Blue scientists... or so the scientists want them to believe.

Recently the cities inhabited by WU have come under attack from BRG creatures. Most W have no idea why they are under attack, but they are rallying to meet the threat.

Blue: Outwardly, Blue (The Mazarine) represents the scientists and wizards of the society. They have made fantastic breakthroughs in medicine, for example. However, Blue gets to be evil on this world. They are doing secret magical experiments on BRG. Some of their experiments have caused instability in the magical makeups of those affected (thematically explaining Evoke). This has been found out by the BRG, prompting the attacks on the WU cities. U is keeping the causes of the conflict hidden to the best of its ability (hey, it's the memory altering colour).

Black, Red, Green Black, Red and Green are allied in trying to bring down the WU cities, which they blame in general for the atrocities committed against their various peoples. There's a tribal theme associated with each of the colours, which manifests in their three different tribal gods. Whilst they're fighting a war against WU, they're also trying to summon their gods to their cause.

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