[ABU] [Reboot] The Gathering: Cycles

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Basic Lands

Plains Island Swamp Mountain Forest

Common ETBT Dual Lands with Basic Land Type

Tundra Farmstead Underground Pool Sulfurous Badlands Sheltered Taiga Lush Savannah
Fetid Scrubland Isle Volcano Wooded Bayou Cracked Plateau Forested Archipelago


Vanilla Creatures

Simple Creatures

Leaffletcher Elf

Modal Spells

Holy Ward

­Leaffletcher Elf

Hybrid Creatures

Cloud-Band Pegasus Hill Mammoth Brushland Wolf
Scathe Unicorn Phantom Roc Brambletangle Bones Fresh-Faced Recruit

Hybrid Noncreatures



­Vitalize Artifact

TDFC Elemental Creatures

Air Guardian Water Guardian Earth Guardian Fire Guardian Life Guardian


Dryad Wraith

Artifacts? Go Colored?

­Helm of Champions Jade Simulacrum Jeweled Bird


­Captivating Reproduction

Enchantment Creatures?

Nether Wisp

TDFC Gold Multicolor

Arcanum Ghoul Ominous Sinkhole Disaster Druid
Nordwith Paladin Barbarian Hero

3-Color Spell

Nature's Divine Vengeance

Monocolored Artifact

Ark of Balance

Twocolored Artifact

Annihilation Orb



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