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What if Magic was rebuilt from the ground up

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On Base Set: Reimagined Edition (reply):

thanks, Alex.

set renamed to Base Set: Refreshed Edition. throwback to the early days of Magic. Powerful duals, artifacts, and enchantments. Characters (read: Legends and Planeswalkers) from early story arcs.

possible ideas:
PW: freyalise, serra, urza, leshrac, jaya
tribes: elf, soldier, merfolk, zombie, goblin
legends (gods): gaea, fiers, yawgmoth, svyelun, tal
promoted strategies: g ramp, r sligh, b discard, u mill, w weenie
veiled game pieces

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BIO – Gnome Monk
Mimicry (This creature may deal combat damage equal to the power of a creature that is blocking or blocked by this creature.)

When Turtle-Style Disciple enters the field, draw a card, then discard a card.
SPI Mythic Creature – God

Activated abilities of creatures, entities, and mods your opponents control cost {3} more to activate.

Creatures can't attack you or a permanent you control unless their controller pays {3} for each creature they control that's attacking.
BIO Sorcery
Target opponent reveals their hand. You choose a noncreature, nonland card from it. That player discards that card.
"It hurts more if you think about it."
—Hooks, Cabal torturer
SPI Creature – Spirit
{0}: Hyalopterous Lemure* gets -1/-0 and gains flying until end of turn.
SPI Creature – Angel
Flying, vigilance, lifelink

Other creatures you control have indestructible, Aegis (This permanent can't be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control), and Homebound (This creature can't attack).

{w}{w}{w}: Angel of Purity gains Stalwart (This creature assigns combat damage equal to its toughness rather than its power) until end of turn.

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On Ascendant Metamorph:

Black in a nutshell. Continual struggle to aspire to the top.

On Inspiring Weaver:

BG re/animates lands. i.e. return land cards from graveyards, and turn them into creatures.

On Eternal Freeze:

Interesting point. brings up the distinction between ability and state.

Per your recommendation, frozen is now a state, as a consequence of the 'freeze' keyword action. A frozen permanent ceases to be frozen the moment it untaps.

Furthermore, Eternally Frozen is a special case of frozen. A permanent that is Eternally Frozen always counts as frozen, regardless of whether the permanent is tapped or untapped.

On Brown Recluse:

Frostbite as worded is still a triggered ability. I agree that it was worth creating a keyword.

Did you mean "Damage dealt by this object to a permanent freezes that permanent."? That would be in line with some of the concepts you put forth.

To note: You now have cards with reminder text for freeze and a card with frostbite that mentions freeze in the reminder text, but doesn't explain it.

On Eternal Freeze:

I would prefer "is Frozen". Having the ability with that name sounds like it would freeze others.

Compare "is goaded".

On Heavy Greataxe:

How does a "Heavy Greataxe" help retreating?

On Farm:

What's spellbind? It's not in your mechanics.

On Virus Zero:

Since all attachable permanents are supposed to be of card type mod, why not just use "modded" over introducing special terms like "bonded"? Isn't that going back to "enchanted", "equipped", "fortified" etc. having a whole list over a singular term?

When a creature dies, all Bionts attached to it are also put into the graveyard.

How does that work? Is it afterwards as it is currently with Auras or at the same time? I don't understand why this mod creature cannot remain on the battlefield when the creature it was attached to dies - the argument that Auras go to the graveyard without an enchanted object stems from the fact that they are otherwise useless permanents to keep track of, but this is both a creature and has a repeatable activated ability to re-attach like an Equipment.

On Virus Zero:

BIO mods are also creatures. They enter play detached and act just like any other creature.

Biont is a mod subtype. They have an idle activated ability called Bond that targets another creature. If this ability is not negated (such as by illegal target or a negating spell or ability), the Biont attaches to the target. All abilities mentioning the bonded creature refer to the creature it is attached to. This ability cannot be activated if it's already attached to another creature.

Permanents cannot attach to itself.

Permanents attached to another permanent, player, or entity cannot engage in combat. This means a Biont cannot attack or block while it is attached to another creature.

When a creature dies, all Bionts attached to it are also put into the graveyard.

On Farm:

White gets ramp in the form of mods. Green has ramp via land search. Both have creatures that produce mana.

Maybe Wx control wants ramp in this form?

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