Root by Benjamin Draper

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48 with no rarity, 60 commons, 17 uncommons,
3 rares, 1 mythic, 4 tokens

1 token artifact, 2 colourless, 1 token red, 34 white, 15 blue, 12 black,
25 red, 24 green, 8 multicolour, 1 artifact, 10 land

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As an additional cost to cast this spell, reveal a Rabbit, Fox, or Mouse card from your hand or pay {2}.
Creature Mole – Noble
First Strike
If you control at least 2 non-noble creature Cowardly Baron gains +2/+1
Creature Mole – Noble
Whenever a non-noble creature you control attacks, you may have Tunnel Knight deal 1 damage to target creature or player.
Creature Mole – Noble
Sacrifice a non-Noble creature you control: Ducal Retainer does not take combat damage until end of turn
Legendary Creature Mole – Noble
Noble creatures you control gain +1/+1
All Non-noble creatures gain -1/-1
If a creature you control would die put a +1/+1 counter on all noble creatures you control.

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On Foxforge Mystic:

Intended to be common? This is almost certainly a rare or mythic, no?

On Falcon Commander:

Intended not to have flying?

On Mouse:

I'm realizing my comment might lack a little context for dude1818: Root is a board game, and the mice suit in it is represented by a red symbol.

On False Orders:

Functional reprint of Warning.

On Rustwing Falcon:
On Mouse:


On Mouse:

They are in Root.

On Mouse:

I don't think mice are particularly red

On Throng of The Oppressed:

This creature dies when it comes into play. Probably meant to have the separate line "~ comes into play with X +1/+1 counters on it" or something.

On U Red Vagabond:
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