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Woodland Might and Right

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Creature – Cat Vagabond
When Feline Exile enters the battlefield Craft an Item. (Put the top card of your Item deck face up onto the battlefield.), then equip crafted item to Feline Exile and gain life equal to the that item's equip cost.
last 2021-05-14 08:34:47 by Vitenka
Creature – Fox Rebel
Lupine Liason get +2/+0 if you have a Mouse in play, Lupine Liason also gets +0/+2 if you have a Rabbit in play.
Item Artifact – Equipment
Sacrifice equipped creature: deal damage to creatures of one creature type equal to the power of sacrificed creature.

Equip {2}
Item Artifact – Equipment
Equipped creature has Menace, +1/+0 and "When equipped creature deals combat damage to a player, Draw a card then target opponent discards a card"
Equip {3}
Artifact Creature – Cat
Marauding Mechanical Marquise's power and toughness are each equal to the number of Ruin counters on all lands.
When Marauding Mechanical Marquise enter the battlefield or whenever Marauding Mechanical Marquise attacks, you may Ruin two non-Ruined lands.
last 2020-08-18 02:13:13 by theduckcompany

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On Feline Exile:

Wasn't being serious - but:
"Remove from the game" is the old mechanic that got renamed "Exile". So an "X exile" is clearly a cycle of creatures that arrive already removed from the game.

On Feline Exile:

@Vitenka: I don't understand your comment. Can you explain?

@dude1818: That's a good thought. Vagabond is a specific thematic name to this universe, but more importantly, it allows us to use the creature type in other card text. But if that ends up not mattering, Rogue would be a good substitution.

On Feline Exile:

Feline Vagabond enters play removed from the game.

On Feline Exile:

Vagabond is a pretty great word, but why not go with rogue for backwards compatibility?

On Marauding Mechanical Marquise:

I think id like to move it back to ruining and counting both players lands, Since it's a "may" The controller of MMM could make the choice of whether or not to give the opponent the ruin, and given that it essentially cost 3 mana to get that card if your opponent is spending 6 mana a turn to get rid of the ruin tokens they prob arent doing too much else, making it a fun decision point i think.

On !!!Planned Coup:

Cower in Fear was exactly the card i was referencing, but i wanted it a little bigger number impact and i wanted it to emphasis the aggressive nature of the cats in the game.

On Scouting Party:

I believe I used this name already but it works better for this card.

On Scaled Ritualist:

This is Dexter's link, corrected. Though the two key cards were already mentioned. Frenzied Arynx is also on that list, but the addition of red, which traditionally can do firebreathing, makes that card a more difficult read.

On Scaled Ritualist:

Hmm, that's interesting. Maybe they've changed the design philosophy

On Scaled Ritualist:

That's a good point about the ceiling on the p/t. We'll test it like this and se if it's problematic in our set. To be honest, this is more of a placeholder card to fill in the design skeleton in order to playtest. It doesn't fit any of the set themes.

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