Mounting Misfortune

Mounting Misfortune by Onygox

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5 white, 1 blue, 3 black, 2 red,
4 green, 13 multicolour, 1 artifact, 1 land

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The second set in the Districts of Kestner block( The name is a working title.

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Creature – Wurm
Enlighten (If the difference between your life total and that of another player is 7 or more, you achieve enlightenment for the rest of the game.)
Insatiable Wurm has trample as long as you’re enlightened.
1 comment
2020-06-02 08:04:06 by Vitenka
{2}{g}, Sacrifice Lupine Rune: Create a 2/2 green Wolf creature token with brutal. (If a creature with brutal would deal damage to a creature with higher power or toughness, it deals double that damage instead.)
Target green creature you control gains indestructible until end of turn. That creature fights target blue or black creature an opponent controls.
Illus. Reddit user justaschema
last 2020-05-29 21:07:14 by Onygox
Enlighten (If the difference between your life total and that of another player is 7 or more, you achieve enlightenment for the rest of the game.)
Target player draws two cards. If you’re not enlightened, that player loses 2 life.
Creature – Human
{t}: Merciless Flagellant deals 1 damage to target creature and 1 damage to itself.
Whenever a creature dies, untap Merciless Flagellant.
Awash in blood and delusion, he bears the burden of a thousand lifetimes.

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On Insatiable Wurm:

Huh, that's a weird condition. It's both "Win more" and "Catch up". Though on the flip side, it's a bit underpowering to see it here - Honored Hydra is flat-out better, and green has a number of unconditionally-trampling 6/6 for {6} - though usually as {4}{g}{g}, so this does rank among them.

On Corner The Enemy:

@Forggychum I didn't realize that color hate was not a thing anymore. I absolutely appreciate the feedback! Yes, it could be an instant. I hadn't given much thought to the flavor - I just liked the name :)

On Corner The Enemy:

Hey, you might know this, but IIRC 'color hate' isn't really used much anymore...

I personally don't mind it, but it's generally good to make sure cards like this are always useful, and get an extra effect against certain colors. That way they're playable not just in a sideboard (also sideboard will probably want stuff to deal with more than just two of the five colors, even)

May I suggest making this an instant? That at least allows you to save a creature from lethal combat damage or Murder effects? It would be quite a bit stronger, but doing this at instant speed if you're facing a {w}{r} deck is completely pointless. You can't play sorceries in-response to anything, because the stack has to be empty for them to be cast.

Anyway this card is decent, though I don't understand the flavor? Are druids, elves, or something else cornering the enemy? Is it wild beasts, werewolves or even dire wolves? The flavor just seems a bit sinister for {g}, but that's just my first impression.

On Treasonous Activity:

This should probably be mono-red. Nothing about this is mechanically blue.

This is a rather brutal way to use brutal... see what I did there?

On The Collector:

I love the flavor of this card.

On Orion, Vengeant Rebel:

Cool card! Love the mechanic!

One thing is I don't know if you meant to write this as "Whenever a creature dealt damage by Orion, Vengeant Rebel this turn dies, [...]" but if so: you switched 'this turn' and 'dies'

Because, whenever a creature dies it will always be this turn, when it does... The issue with that is it leads to memory issues. It's pretty hard to remember every single character that was damaged by a specific card in play, especially considering Magic has a clean-up step (unlike, say Hearthstone, where damage isn't removed)...

I strongly suggest you word it that way. You might have intended to originally, though.

Anyway, pretty cool card. It's probably not Overpowered but it's definitely powerful. Well-done :)

Side note; have you considered giving him a class type? Maybe rogue? Or if you're feeling wild, maybe rebel?

On Turn to Stone:

Yeah, it's a bend because blue isn't supposed to get planeswalker removal. Source

On Turn to Stone:

Black has never given the transmutation/polymorph vibe though. I did another, though not exhaustive, search and the ability appears on other white and blue cards. Kenrith's Transformation, suggests that the ability can still be green, though green cannot turn the creature too small. Imprisoned in the Moon isn't a bend, unless you mean that it can target a planeswalker, land, or be used as an unideal source of ramp, as blue gets Frogify, and One With the Stars.

On Turn to Stone:

100% a break in green, but only a bend in black, imo. Black is the creature removal color after all. I think Imprisoned was also considered a bend

On Turn to Stone:

I don't believe this ability appears in black (if I'm wrong, feel free to link cards). It's been inn blue, white, and green (though debate as to whether or not it's a color break there).
Sources: Lignify, Song of the Dryads (the one that I've seen called a break), Darksteel Mutation, and Imprisoned in the Moon.

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