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Oh boy let's get started!

haha weeeee


Cardset mechanics - Overload {y} - Kicker {y} - Shroud - Legendary Instant/Sorceries - Sagas

Cardset rules to remember

  • No hybrid frames.
  • No hard removal or counterspells for less than 4 Mana.
  • No planeswalkers.
  • If including a quote in flavor text use quotation marks not apostrophes.
  • It's "Sea-Gods", not "Sea Gods".
  • All Sagas will be legendary.

No 1 Mana instants from Drezgor/Western Sea/Kragstorm/Ogasha

No 3 Mana instants from Drezgor/Western Sea/Kragstorm/Ogasha

No 2 Mana instants from Broodholm

No 4 Mana instants from Broodholm.

  • Bounty Hunter instants can have any cost, though.

YEAH: The set's color balance is out of wack. I've given up on it.

ALSO: 6/7

Going to start working on a new batch of cards.

Shouldn't Drezgor have a {u}{g} archetype?

For my continents, to limit the number of factions each will have, I'm only including factions that contain one or both of the enemy colors. {w} is allies with {u} and {g} , so they will not appear in pairs which do not contain {b} or {r}. Each continent should have FIVE factions exactly.


Thats Awesome, thanks for explaining!

overload is a thing now :)

marshmen marshmen marshmen

omg i cant wait

Hellstorm was fucked up this whole time. The copies kept Hellstorm.

Actually, do copied spells even get cast? Copies are so confusing. If not, then there's no reason to stop them from having Hellstorm (Except the fact that it overly triggers certain cards)

Edit: NVM, all those hellstorm-matters cards trigger on hellstorm cards being cast, so if copies aren't cast, there is no reason to have a few extra words in the mechanic's reminder txt. Meaning, if copies aren't cast, the mechanic can be reverted. I assume they're probably cast though...

Yay! 200 Cards :)

300 cards :))))

tree fiddy :O

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