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[MISC] Draconica by Froggychum

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26 blue, 37 black, 39 red, 38 green, 142 multicolour, 13 hybrid, 14 artifact, 12 land

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An anime-style television series with dragons

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Destroy target creature. It's controller mills two cards.
Legendary Artifact
When Almanac of the Forgottenkind enters the battlefield, you may mill thirty cards. If you do, destroy target creature.
Creature spells that share a type with that creature cannot be cast as long as this artifact is on the battlefield.
Token Artifact
{t}, Sacrifice Potion: Target player mills a card. If a noncreature card is milled this way, add {u}. Otherwise, add {b}.
Legendary Planeswalker – Despair-Abandon
+2: Discard a card.
-4: Target player loses life equal to the number of permanents they control
-8: Exile target players library, graveyard and hand
last 2018-07-11 11:56:45 by Froggychum
Create three 1/1 Wind and Water Illusion tokens with Flying and Hexproof named "Mistveil Illusion"
The Mistveil Dragon has terrain over certain channels, she uses this spell to cloak herself from pirates and sailors

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On Moonwalker:

i wanted to but i didnt wanna make Moonlands legendary more ):

On Moonwalker:

Aww, you missed a chance to use the phrasing:
cannot be blocked if defending player controls the moon

On [MISC] Draconica:

we done bois heck yeash!

On Sandpit Spell:

this represents how cost inefficient it is to rescue

On Mad Klown:

god dammit i thought of a dance for this and everything

On Ravenous Mutant:

i don't know if thats small enouh, and now it feels uncommon.

It's not much of an enough question, it's only you need one. Duals would work too.

i agree with the first statement.

isn't it their fault if they choose to play a green card in a deck without forests (read: earth card in a decc w/o woodlands) ???

I tried adding trample, but this already taps, so no point now.

On Ravenous Mutant:

Sure. there is a lot of multicolor in this set, so mana should be around and lands are very valuable

On Festival Dragon:

Flying, Trample, Haste, Lifelink Whenever a creature enters the battlefield, it's controller may move it. When they do, it combines with each other creature that's moved this way while Festival Dragon has been in play. Those creatures have Flying, Trample, Haste and Lifelink. As long as more than half the creatures are combined this way, there is no combat phase until end of turn Festival Dragon leaves the battlefield When Festival Dragon leaves the battlefield, uncombine those creatures and each player loses 10 life

On Ravenous Mutant:

I kinda like the idea of a card interacting better with cards from this set. Parasitic, but not problematically so.

I dislike that the card in question is 100% interchangable with a Forest, and so this becomes a "Do you own enough of them?" hurdle to jump, making this just plain "{g}{t}:" for those that do.

It also does bad things to draft, where this becomes a vanialla 2/2 for 3. Which is even worse than everything else in this cycle of 2/2 for 3.

My suggestion would be make this be {g}{t} for a basic ability (less than the current one) and some small added bonus if you control a woodland.

On Crimson Sword:

What's better flavor:

equip {7} and it takes years to master


­{7} cmc and a weapon like this is always wasted on a warrior

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