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Part One: Omniactuality

The Omnidragon is the Progenitor of Dragonkind. He is eternal. He gains his power from the following:

The Six Primalities

The Three Dragonboons

The Dragonosity Core

Part Two: Pantheon of Gods

The Omnidragon had six offspring, who were one another's kin, and the true powers over their elements.

Part Three: The Titans of Passive Fusion

The very being of these Dragons brought forth a new force called Passive Fusion, in which the energies of the very elements withheld by the Gods themselves coalesced into beings of more specific categories, with new and revolutionary powers for reality itself.

(The Titans are more closely related to creatures than the Gods, who are rather the formation of each of the six Primalities. The Titans often stay in a form, and have minds, souls and hearts which branch beyond the basic elements)

Mistveil Dragon (♀) - {s}{u} Illusions

Solar Winds Dragon (♂) - {s}{r} Dance

Heatwave Dragon (♂) - {s}{r} Heat

Drybone Dragon (♂) - {s}{g} Desert, Sand, Bone

Sandstorm Dragon (♂) - {s}{g} Sandstorm

Plasmacides (♂) - {u/r} Plasma, Acids, Poisons

Evolaars (♀) - {u/g} Evolution

Volcanus (♂) - {r/g} Volcano

Soulsyre (♂) - {w}{s} Spirits

Despair Abandon (♂) - {s}{b} Fear

Elixiris (♀) - {w/u} Elixir

The Alchemical Dragon (♂) - {u/b} Alchemy

Starlite Dragon (♀) - {r/w} Stars

The Tormentor (♂) - {r/b} Destruction

Unita (♀) - {w/g} Peace & Protection

Eradicates (♂) - {b/g} Death

The Twilight Dragon (Half-♀ / Half-♂) - {w/b} Twilight

Storm Dragon (♂) - {s}{u}{r} Storm

Planet Dragon (♀) - {s}{u}{g} Planet

Maniaphuros (♂) - {s}{r}{g} Frenzy

The Genesis Dragon (♀) - {u}{r}{g} Life

Verity (♀) - {s}{u}{w} Truth

The Great Deceiver (♂) - {s}{u}{b} Deception

Apolloryze (♂) - {s}{r}{w} The Sun

Warlord Dragon (♂) - {s}{r}{b} War & Hate

Horizon Dragon (♂) - {s}{g}{w} Horizon

Plaguthor (♂) - {s}{g}{b} Plague

Synth (♂) - {u}{r}{w} Synthesis

Chaos Dragon (♂) - {u}{r}{b} Chaos

Chronicle (♂) - {u}{g}{w} Time

Apocalypse Dragon (♂) - {u}{g}{b} Extinction

Oblivicus (♂) - {r}{g}{b} Agony & Underworld

Metallicus (♂) - {r}{g}{w} Metal

Phantom Dragon (♂) - {s}{w}{b} Ghost

Mirror Dragon (♀) - {u}{w}{b} Mirrors

Wizard Dragon (♂) - {r}{w}{b} Magic Spells

Mystical Ancient Dragon (♀) - {g}{w}{b} Foresight & Wisdom

Elemental Dragon (♀) - {s}{u}{r}{g} Elements

Technodes (♂) - {s}{u}{r}{w} Technology

The Persecutor (♂) - {s}{u}{r}{b} Judgement

Fairy Dragon (♀) - {s}{u}{g}{w} Faeries & Overworld

Nocturnus the Unresting (♂) - {s}{u}{g}{b} Night

Cosmic Dragon (♀) - {s}{r}{g}{w} Cosmosis

Meteor Dragon (♂) - {s}{r}{g}{b} Meteors

Morning Dragon (♀) - {s}{r}{g}{w} Day

The Battle Dragon (♂) -{s}{r}{g}{b} Weaponry

Blessed Dragon (♀) - {u}{r}{g}{w} Blessings

Cursed Dragon (♂) - {u}{r}{g}{b} Curses

Moon Dragon (Dark Side ♂ / Bright Side ♀) - {u}{r}{g}{w} Moon

Systemrix (♂) - {u}{r}{g}{b} Machinery

Soulstealer Dragon (♀) - {s}{u}{w}{b} Steals souls to make (magic-immune) slaves

Laserbeam Dragon (♂) - {s}{r}{w}{b} Lasers & Beams

Songra (♀) - {s}{g}{w}{b} Music

The Shifting Wings (♂) - {u}{r}{w}{b} Shapeshifter

The Seed of Corruption (♂) - {u}{g}{w}{b} Corruption

Heartstealer Dragon (♀) - {r}{g}{w}{b} Steals hearts to make (damage-immune) slaves

Arcanist (♂) - {s}{u}{r}{g}{w} Arcane Magic Spells

Summoner Dragon (♀) - {s}{u}{r}{g}{b} Summoning Creatures

Antepsyc Dragon (♂) - {s}{u}{r}{w}{b} Insanity

Crimnoz (♂) - {s}{u}{g}{w}{b} Crime

Mutation Dragon (♂) - {s}{r}{g}{w}{b} Mutate

Tragedades the Joker (♂) - {u}{r}{g}{w}{b} Meta Humor

The Eclipse Dragon (♂♀) - {u}{r}{g}{w}{b} Eclipse

Part Four: The Children

The kin of the higher beings number vastly in scope and have varying levels of power. These creatures (which are the show's protagonists) are separated into two categories, Major and Minor.

Known Majors

Blood Dragon (1st son of Warlord Dragon) - Blood

Crimson (Blood Dragon's Brother Apprentice, gifted by the Seed of Corruption) - Crimson (Material) and Crimson (Mind-Death)

Luxury Dragon (The Seed of Corruption & Twilight) - Luxury

Pleasure Dragon (Songra & Solar Winds Dragon) - Pleasure

Glory Dragon (1st son of Apolloryze. Created to show his Glory, and therefore inherited the Title of Glorybringer) - Glory

Pride Dragon (2nd son of Apolloryze. Created to lead his many prides of weaker dragons and therefore inherited the Title of Pridemaster) - Pride

Champion Dragon (3rd son of Apolloryze. Created when another Titan questioned his might. He forged a third son to defeat his eldest two, dubbing him The Champion) - Winning

Vampire Dragon (Bourne during Nocturnus' 1st Genesis and consumed the Blood Mixture forged by the Cursed Dragon) - Vampiric

Zombie Dragon (Bourne during Nocturnus' 1st Genesis and was claimed by Oblivicus, being tutored for his father in the Underworld) - Zombified

Werewolf Dragon (Bourne during Nocturnus' 1st Genesis and gazed upon the embrace between the Moon Dragon, Eclipse Dragon and Twilight Dragon) - Werewolven

Festival Dragon (2nd Daughter of Songra & Solar Winds) - Festivities

Known Minors

Uzi Dragon (31st son of the Battle Dragon) Uzi Hands

Circo the Kidder (12th son of Tragedades) Circus Shot, Raise the Mad Klown

Sunkist (Apolloryze's 141st son with Songra) Sun Kiss

Nibbletooth (41st son of Drybone Dragon) Nibble, Tooth Spit

Sandbox (40th son of Drybone Dragon) Enboxen, Develops Creation Magic early in the series

Quicksand (8th son of Drybone Dragon) Sandpit Spell

Part Five: The Broods

The Sires of the Soul - Soulsyre's philosophical bunch

Faeries - While not technically Dragons, they are a very important species, being the brood of the Fairy Dragon and the sole sapient residents of the Overworld.

The Soulless & The Heartless - Two different groups of enslaved and ruined beings

The Summoned - There are unintelligible amounts of creatures summoned by the Summoner over the years, a large portion of the world's residents are those

Apolloryze's Pride - A group of sun worshippers lead by the Pridemaster

Vampires , Zombies & Werewolves - Creatures created by the offspring of Nocturnus' Genesi

The Damned - Those who are kept prisoner in the Underworld by Oblivicus

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