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I personally would swap {w} to light and {s} (by necessity) to Wind. There is no symbol that says light more than the sun.

Will do.

I love this set's uniqueness. It's not like what you usually do... but if you made it, I trust it will be cool! :)

I don't you are taking advantage of the MTG's color system if you try to reinvent and install an alternative in place of it.

IMO you would be better off if you came up or took up on some elemental system with five elements so that they could be properly fitter with MTG's colors. Ie. the classic chinese and greece elemental systems have exactly five elements.

Editing your system, I find "light" and "dark" too clisé & nonsensical so I would drop them. With that out of the way, the main problem would become coming up with the fifth element.

­{u} - Water

­{r} - Fire

­{g} - Earth (Wood)

­{w} - Wind

­{b} - ??? Aether? Soul/Spirit? Metal? Lightning? Acid/Poison?

I've already got a large document of this stuff written out. The elements are fine standalone, I wouldn't agree Light and Dark are ever nonsensical (no more than any other thing listed) but are absolutely cliche i'll agree with you (so are the four elements for that matter).

The problems arise when I try and fit this into magic terms, it's difficult and won't be perfect. But most importantly it'll be important people can make the distinction between what I'm doing, and what the format is. It's a lot to ask I know, but I'm only asking to put information I've given over what the site and game tells you.

I'll keep this as magicky as possible, but the color combinations won't make sense if you think in terms of WUBRG Snow. You'll need WWFE-LD

this set is so odd, but i like it. Here's what I think might be benefitial to the cardset:

-Maybe have some cheap spells... the set is dominated by 6 and 8 drops, making draft impossible, and every other format just weird.

-Maybe, you could explain what some dragons do, in more detail. It almost looks like a fanfiction, the way the characters are portrayed.

-Perhaps have some lower rarity cards. At this point, I don't expect much, since the rarity curve is just rekt, but I think some support for these dragons might be good.

-P.S. Can we get some stories? :P

keep doin what yer doin, its cool!

good points. I'm working on all of those except the second. I just got out the big legends, many other supports are coming (it's already at 100, which is insane. Soon i'll likely have 300-500 by the time it's satisfactory and done)

As for stories, I'm not sure, I'd have to write them in episodal format, and I'm not great at doing that without constant editing to fit in other plotlines... So likely not.


I agree that this set could get REALLY big. Thanks for taking my advice. I understand stories would be difficult. Maybe a summary page? I just want to know more about these awesome dragons. :)

Reminds me of mtg, with the elder dragons and all. Yet totally different.

Definitely could do a summary page. Likely also episodes, but not links like i did with my main canon

By nonsensical I mean that "dark" is the lack of light - it isn't a thing (material or energy) of its own unless you turn it into "dark magic" or whatever.

One solution could be trying to fit the elements into some kind of color pair combinations. Maybe pairs or even shards or wedges.

For example:

­{w}{u} ({g}) - Wind (Azorius, Bant)

­{u}{b} ({g}) - Water (Dimir, Sultai)

­{r}{b} ({w}) - Fire (Rakdos, Mardu)

­{g}{r} ({w}) - Earth (Gruul, Naya)

­{w}{r} ({u}) - Light (Boros, Jeskai)

­{b}{w} ({u}) - Darkness (Orzhov, Esper)

I'm happy with how it is, but thanks for everything :)

to be honest, i'm not liking this set very much, it's a lot of work and I don't enjoy it

that is a very cool system btw, i never said it.

I think this set will be finished quite soon. And then i can move on with my many other plans

onto majors and minors! the big grind is nearly at an end!

we done bois heck yeash!

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