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An otherwise vanilla plane with Jewels and Catacombs

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{t}: Add {u}.
{t}: Add {u}{u}. Activate this ability only if a Jewel counter was put on a permanent you control this turn.
From the sea, to your finger
Remove a Jewel counter from a permanent you control, {t}: Energy Crystal deals 2 damage to target creature or player. Then, you may pay {2} to untap this.
Artifact – Equipment
Equip {2}
Equipped creature gets +0/+X, where X is the number of Jewel counters on it plus one.
{t}: Put a Jewel counter on equipped creature.
Forged by hand, and beautiful as the jewels used to make it
Legendary Creature – Human Artificer
{2}, Remove a Jewel counter from a permanent you control: Azaaza, Gifted Gemcrafter deals 3 damage to target creature. When that creature dies this turn, discard up to two cards. Then, draw those many cards.
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2019-05-29 19:09:42 by Froggychum
Creature – Human Artificer
{1}{r}, Discard a card: Put two Jewel counters on Gemfyre Genius.
{x}{r}, {t}: Remove X Jewel counters from Gemfyre Genius.
Whenever one or more Jewel counters are removed from Gemfyre Genius, exile those many cards from the top of your library. You may play those cards this turn.

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On Abandoned One:

Yeah, that's true.

It's sometimes unfortunate that RND decides to make super generic (not necessarily in a bad way) mechanics with specific flavor, same with cards, especially lands. (im looking at you, Amass)

It leads to a lack of cool reprints... kinda sucks.

On Abandoned One:

The problem with Phyrexian mana is that it has unavoidable flavor implications.

On Abandoned One:

Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is balanced, I assumed Link was worried that it didn't make sense to have on the card.

I liked the design idea, and the aesthetic, and wasn't worried I'd have to make Phyrexian mana a theme in order to include it on one card.

If it's a huge problem, I'll change it to {1}{b}{b} and Pay 2 life.

On Abandoned One:

Phy mana is a problem. It would be a very very nice signal for a new-new-phyrexia set. But reducing mana costs, and allowing massively colour bleed is a big thing it does in a not-so-good way. So I expect we will see it, or something like it, in future (Mtg flavour team one day: "we should invent a new big-bad. But that would be effort. We should bring one back. Or maybe two of them, and have them fight. Off tot he pub!")

Used like this is actually a very good fix for its problems; since you have to jump through hoops to get the colour reduction.

On Abandoned One:

I made this early on and I don't have a huge problem with it using this cost, it kind of works with the theme of the mechanic and card, and also is just asthetically pleasing..

I dunno if phyrexian mana is deciduous or not, and i do know it's odd to just have a couple cards in a set with phyrexian mana, but I don't think it's too big of a jump from normal.

On Bejeweled Raider:

It is a good engine, but really it shouldn't be taking them from things that could definitely use them more.... Yeah, I'll edit this.

Edit: haven't playtested this yet, which is on me, i've been meaning to.. I'll playtest the new version tonight, along with Honored Jeweler

On Honored Jeweler:

You're probably right, I made this so it could fight against the Go-Wide strategy of Spirits, and one token per turn was pretty weak... I guess you could technically combo this with Crystfall on turn 5 to make seven 1/1s, but by itself it wasn't the best.

I suppose there is enough support, including Jewel Crown and Crystal Ring to make this work, but it's seems okay to sacrifice a 2/4 creature attacking or blocking, to get two 1/1 creatures. It's a bit strong, but there isn't exactly a number between 1 and 2 that I can use...

I'll add an activation cost to this, but it might lead to some more playtesting, especially since it limits you to 3 drops or costs on turn 5.

Edit: this last comment because i was going to make it cost {2}. I could have made it {x}, but that takes the fun away from comboes. Or maybe not... I'll try both.

On Restless Spirit:

Yeah that sounds right, it's really strong as I've been playing it, especially because it now combos with Spiritsong Skyfeller

that's a nice solution, because it was pretty nuts in one of my limited games, and Spirits is essentially always playable because of the as-fan.

On Wandering Souls:

Ha :)

But really, you helped me a ton when I joined this website (especially with patience), thank you :)

On Nestmaker:

Thanks, I based it off of Elven Dreamer's ability.

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