Lyrasia by Froggychum

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36 rares, 5 mythics, 7 tokens

1 token colourless, 3 token white, 1 token hybrid redgreen, 3 colourless, 2 token green, 23 white, 23 blue,
22 black, 22 red, 24 green, 20 multicolour, 5 hybrid, 9 artifact, 7 land

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A plane of forests, jeweled seas, and many diverse species

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­{u} Merfolk tribal:

Discount tribal and blue spellcasting

­Pearlhunter Merfolk, Merfolk Elder, Riverfisher, Titanic Flood, Lake Seer, Calozac Fisher, Menacing Sunfish

­{r} Orcs:

aggro creatures w/ smash and repeatable burn

­Orc Battlemaster, Orc Fieldwarrior, Orc Firetosser, Orc Gemcrusher, Orc Ram Mounter, Orc Armorbreaker, Orc Pyromaniac, Fire Raid

­{g} Elf Tribal

Elf rewards at upkeep, mana rampers

­Elven Archer, Elf Spirit-Gardener, Kamaneto, Elvish Thief, Elven Dancer, Elder Tribeleader

­{w}{b} Spirits:

ETBs trigger for life gain and draining, light tribal, and rapid token creation, majorly white

­Rise of Souls, Spiritsong Skyfeller, Soulspawn, Mirrored Spirits, Spiritual Resonance, Restless Spirit, Spirit Monk, Wellwisher, Bellowing Sobs, Wandering Souls, Arzan Bishop, Choir Ghouls, Grave Spirit, Deathguard, Laughing Ghost, Soulrot, Void Soul

­{u}{b} Faeries:

Evasiveness on small creatures

­Whimsical Wand, Blossoming Joy, Flower Faerie, Faerie Hopelifter, Faerie Painmaker, Faerie Flutterwing, Faerie Seer, Faerie Net

­{r}{g} Smash:

Aggressive mechanic, useful for eliminating chump blockers

­Wanderpath Giant, Orc Battlemaster, Orc Ram Mounter, Quicksmite Giant

­{c}{u} Jewels:

Rewards for Jewel counters on creatures/permanents, as well as Jewel creation

­Pearlhunter Merfolk, Crystfall, Ocean Gemshell, Portal Gem, Crystal Hills, Crystal Ring, Jewel Crown, Honored Jeweler, Pearl Fish, Azaaza, Gifted Gemcrafter, Calozac Shore, Prismatic Sphere, Jewel Magnet, Jewel Thief, Calozac Fisher, Bejeweled Raider

­{u}{g} Exploration and Land power:

Uses explore mechanic for merfolk and elves mostly, as well as land tutoring and etc

­Discovery, Arzan Cartographer, Satyr Cartographer, Elvish Mapper, Nestmaker, Hunger for Exploration

­{b}{g} Creature pain and Land sacrifice:

weaken and destroy opponents creatures with -1/-1 counters and destroy effects, as well as force opponent's to sacrifice lands and lose life and discard cards

­Abolisher Supreme, Venomspew Abolisher, Deadly Curiosity, Vyrainem Python, Bloodwail Dreadwolf, Hunting Elf, Swallowheavy Snake, Catacomb Fleshripper

­{r}{b}: Super efficiency:

Efficient creatures with downfalls that require life loss or payments

­Death Dog, Eyeblood Goblin, Dungleaf Beetle, Maze Rat

­{c}{g} Equipment:

Pumps for attached equipments

­Kamaneto, Elvish Thief, Elven Archer, Axeweild Chimp, Whimsical Wand, Basket of Blessed Shells, Crystal Ring, Jewel Crown, Bejeweled Blade

­{u}{r}{g} Repeatable Burn:

self-explanatory, mostly directed towards creatures

­Orc Firetosser, Grezgl, Goblin Thief, Gem Heart, Ritual Phoenix, Firesong Parrot, Inferno Gem,Stormwood Hawklord, Azaaza, Gifted Gemcrafter, Stormwood Ravager,Plasma Shard, Forged in Flames, Energy Crystal

­{w}{b}{r}{g} Common French Vanilla Creatures:

­Choir Ghouls, Grave Spirit, Mold Rat, Rotwing Crow, Wickedclaw, Firesong Parrot, Orc Fieldwarrior, Orc Firetosser, Takedown Goblins, Axeweild Chimp, Elf Spirit-Gardener, Elven Archer, Forest Drake, Homeland Returner, Satyr Godfollower, Satyr Sheep Tamer, Sheep Flockling, Treeclimber Ape, Wood Piper, Angry Canary, Frenzy Chimp, Spiritsong Skyfeller, Dungleaf Beetle, Feverheart Simpleton, Forgotten Bishop, Skull Rat, Rollhorn, Arlanuran Patriot, Arzan Palace Guard, Arzan Palace High Guardian, Call to Arms, Highspoken, Arzan Cartographer, Spirit Monk, Wellwisher, Passionate Corpse

­{w}{r}{g} Bird tribal:

Small fliers with ramp and burn, bird temp pumps, bird lords

­Stormwood Hawklord, Fleetwing Eagle, Spiritsong Skyfeller, Rotwing Crow, Screeching Ostrich, Lovesong Dove, Nestmaker, Stormwood Ravager, Firesong Parrot, Angry Canary, Homeland Returner, Lord Peacock, Flight of the Gust, Winged Frenzy

­{w}{u}{r} Artifacts:

Basic renewable and nonrenewable rewards (mostly renewable)

­Whimsical Wand, Faerie Net, Ocean Gemshell, Basket of Blessed Shells, Gem Heart, Bright Crystal, Portal Gem, Thunder Shard, Hastwook Crazyflower, Crystal Ring, Jewel Crown, Bejeweled Blade, Plasma Shard, Sea Pearl, Prismatic Sphere, Jewel Magnet, Inferno Gem, Ribbed Vial, Expert Dive, Orc Hammer

­{w}{u}{g} Deck stuff:

light to heavy sifting and card draw, mostly on elves, merfolk, and faeries

­Faerie Seer, Shaman of Winds, Elvish Dreamwalker, Hachor, Mayor of Arzan, Hastwook Crazyflower, Stream Fish, Azaaza, Gifted Gemcrafter, Sea Pearl, Jewel Magnet, Jewel Thief, Elvish Mapper, Golden Seahawk

­{w}{u}{b}{r}{g} Discrimination:

Abilities that target permanents with certain abilities or permanents without shared characteristics, different then hate as it is repeatable.

­Thunder Freeze, Faerie Flutterwing, Glittering Net, Black Thunder, Deadly Curiosity, Rotwing Crow, Vyrainem Python, Firesong Parrot, Flaming Lightning, Screeching Ostrich, Titanic Flood, Mighty Roar

­{r}{b} Catacombs:

­Abandoned One, Surface Outcast, Catacombs Crawler, Tunnel Struggler, Brain-Dead Burrower, Insane Goblin, Inextinguishable Flame, Vengeful Prisoner, Mourn the Forgotten, Catacomb Skeleton, Goblin Screamer

­{w}{u}{b}{r}{g} Lands:

­Calozac Shore, Church of Arthanka, Gustwind Isle, Leafwind Island, Stormwood Roots, Water Cavern Spikes, ­Arzan Palace

­{w}{u}{b}{r}{g} Anthems/Pumps and Token creation:

­Call to Arms, Fleetwing Eagle, Flight of the Gust, Mirrored Spirits, Soulspawn, Spiritual Resonance, Thundercharge, Wandering Souls, Blossoming Joy, Faerie Hopelifter, Honored Jeweler, Takedown Goblins, Flockmind, Regeneration Flash, Winged Frenzy, Lord Peacock, Basket of Blessed Shells, Bejeweled Blade, Crystal Ring, Jewel Crown, Fire Raid

­{w}{u}{b}{r}{g} Legendaries:

­Grezgl, Goblin Thief, Hachor, Mayor of Arzan, Azaaza, Gifted Gemcrafter, Kamaneto, Elvish Thief

­{w}{u}{b}{r}{g} Misc tokens and lands:

­Hastwook Bird, Spirit, Arlanuran Soldier, Gemmite, Stormwood Bird, Plant, Gustwind Bird

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Creature – Goblin
Catacomb [{1}{pr} (Discard Insane Goblin, for the remainder of this turn you may cast it from your graveyard for it's Catacomb cost)]
When Insane Goblin enters the battlefield, if you cast it for it's Catacombs cost, it has "{t}, Discard a card: Insane Goblin has +1/+1 until end of turn"
Creature – Gnome
Catacomb {1}{r} (Discard Goblin Screamer, for the remainder of this turn you may cast it from your graveyard for it's Catacomb cost)
When Goblin Screamer enters the battlefield, if you cast it for it's Catacomb cost, it has "{t}: Deal 1 damage to target defending creature"
The ones I pity the most are the ones that just scream...
Creature – Skeleton
Catacomb {1}{b} (Discard Catacomb Skeleton, for the remainder of this turn you may cast it from your graveyard for it's Catacomb cost)
When Catacomb Skeleton enters the battlefield, if you cast it for it's Catacomb cost, it has +1/+1 and gains Undying
Remove a Jewel counter from a creature you control, {t}: Deal 2 damage to target creature or player
Deal damage to target player equal to the number of cards in your graveyard
I have never lost anyone close to me, that is why I spend my grief mourning the forgotten

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On Prismatic Sphere:

i tried to make them les parasitic by removing the {c} in crystfall, and changing it to creatures (which is what the jewel theme is)

I gave this another ability, so it has a purpose, and i changed the old one so it is differentiable from crystfall

On Prismatic Sphere:

Both this and Crystfall are lame and parasitic. I skimmed through all the cards with the word "jewel" in it and I didn't see anything that would even remotely prompt me to play either of these cards... Ah, there's Portal Gem, but that looks quite broken on its own (at a hunch I would up that counter requirement from six to at least twelve or so) so I wouldn't bother trying to "combo it" with a 6 CMC "do nothing otherwise" card.

Note that for energy, which is an example of a parasitic mechanic, WotC never once made a card that just produced energy, but didn't also have a way to use it.

On Lyrasia:

god my mind is cluttered, aah

On Lyrasia:

Okay after a whole day of refining, it makes very little sense, and is not even close to complete (i speak of the details page, not the cardset). i could use some organizing help for figuring out my goals for Lyrasia, and organizing it in front page detail page form, anyway hope to see some stuff tomorrow byeee

On Satyr Godfollower:
On Satyr Godfollower:

Still seems too powerful. Compare to cards like Cathar's Companion, Wily Bandar, Horned Troll, Deepwood Ghoul, and Darksteel Myr.

On Satyr Godfollower:

maybe a 2/2 green common?

On Crystfall:

they aren't worth 10 you're right.

and yeah jewels are big here

On Shaman of Winds:
On Satyr Godfollower:

It's an indestructible road-block with mid-size power. At common this is hideously powerful. White doesn't even get a vanilla 3/3 for {2}{w} - small creatures are white's focus.

But this being a Satyr Druid - both which are green things... this could be green? Maybe at rare even without increasing the mana cost.

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