Lyrasia by Froggychum

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A plane of forests, jeweled seas, and many diverse species

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All creatures you control become Spirits in addition to their other types
last 2017-09-30 14:50:09 by Alex
Creature – Human Cleric
{3}{w}{t}: create a token that is a copy of Highspoken
Speak highly of the Gods
last 2017-09-30 14:09:52 by Froggychum
Put two Jewel counters on each creature
"The heavens rained for 10 days..."
-The Arzan Church, Arlanura Nation
1 comment
2017-09-30 13:14:40 by Link
Artifact – Equipment
Equip {0}
You must pay Basket of Blessed Shells's mana cost
Equipped creature has Hexproof, Indestructible, Lifelink, and +X/+X where X is your life total
"Seashells, seashells, on my sea floor"
-Gaealaca, Neochamian Goddess
last 2017-09-30 13:13:18 by Link
Token Artifact Creature – Construct

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On Rise of Souls:

­Arcane Adaptation is pretty much exactly Conspiracy in blue but much cheaper.

On Rise of Souls:
On Highspoken:

ill meet you half way :3

On Rise of Souls:

As an aside, there's a reason they printed Ashes of the Fallen in Kamigawa. I think players of Rise of Souls will be surprised by how many Spirits this doesn't enhance.

For what it's worth, though, as a person who plays with Ashes of the Fallen and Conspiracy in a half-Spirit tribal deck, I find that Conspiracy is too expensive by half. Great for what it does... but the choice to have half of your cards not combo with each other without Conspiracy on the table is a punishing enough restriction. I don't need the centerpiece enchantment taking up my 5 drop too.

But maybe I'm playing too casual, and there's a deck that breaks with cheap Conspiracy? Maybe. But I doubt that deck is Spirits, so I'm cool with a cost like this.

On Rise of Souls:

I think this would serve you better as an enchantment.

On Highspoken:

Oh, that's cute. It's a white Myr Propagator. It should probably be rare, though.

On Crystfall:

What do Jewel counters do?

On Basket of Blessed Shells:

I don't think that second line of text does much. Hmm.

On Abolisher Supreme:

will edit. Thanks for playing Spot the Reprint ;D

On Abolisher Supreme:

Why is this a mythic in Camadoon? It's pretty "meh" for that rarity. Seems fine at rare.

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