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­{u} Merfolk

­{r} Orcs

­{g} Elves

­{w}{b} Spirits

­{u}{b} Faeries

­{c}{u}{r} Jewels:

­{w}{g} Explore

­{b}{r}{g} Catacomb

­{w}{r}{g} Birds ({r}{g} Stormwood Roots, {w}{r} Gustwind Isle, {w}{g} Leafwind Isle)


­Grezgl, Goblin Thief, Hachor, Mayor of Arzan, Azaaza, Gifted Gemcrafter, Kamanento, Steady Archer


­Spirit, Soldier, Gemmite, Plant, Stormwood Bird, Gustwind Bird, Leafwind Bird, Fish


­Gustwind Isle, Leafwind Isle, Stormwood Roots, Water Cavern Spikes, Calozac Shore, Crystal Hills, Church of Arthanka, Arzan Palace

Map Link

Downloadable zip file that contains what you need to upload this set to Cockatrice, where you can play with it yourself

Updated on 4 Jun 2019 by Froggychum