Erfh: Through the Ages

Erfh: Through the Ages by amuseum

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Erfh core set

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On The Last Supper (reply):

See mechanics page for rules on scenes.

On Erfh: Through the Ages (reply):

Same core ideas as Information Age. Some cards moved from there.

This is a core set for Erfh series. Spans the entirety of human history and beyond.

Feel free to create your own set for other specific ages. Could be human history or not. For example, a Triassic age with dinosaurs and animals, no humans.

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Delayed Land – Frontier
(New Territories enters the field tapped.)

({t}: Generate {c}.)

When New Territories enters the field, if you control two or fewer other lands, you may search your stockpile for a basic land card. Shuffle your stockpile, then put that land card on top of it.
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2018-01-28 23:10:06 by amuseum
Basic Land – Frontier
Technophile (Undergoes +1/+1 for each mod attached to it.)

When ~ enters the field, you may search your stockpile for a mod card, reveal it, and draw it. Then shuffle.
When ~ enters the field, if you control another agent, draw a card.
Mechano tyranno by erfh ccg

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On New Territories:

Core set mainstay to mitigate land screw aimed at beginning players. Difference with Terramorphic Expanse is this improves your land count.

Uncommon due to wordiness, and not vital for new players or draft. But once you start learning to build your own decks, this can help smooth out land drops.

On Falling Apple:

made it delayed so opponents have chance to respond.

On Falling Apple:

Hmm; won't this only ever be cast as the last card you need, and so not hang around long enough to be targeted? And so could just be a sorcery?

So should it be more questlike and count draws across multiple turns?

On The Last Supper:

See mechanics page for rules on scenes.

On Erfh Logo:

I created the logo before decided to change the name of the set to make more distinguishable. Will redo logo later.

On Erfh Logo:

Is the logo meant for a different set?

On Henchman:

Baseline for generic unaligned agent.

On Dynasty:

implies a good number of famous agents in this set. maybe one for each race/alignment pair = 10+

On Enslave:

Not even going to reference Enslave?

On Statue of Liberty:

You steal a creature and it turns peaceful. Liberation. Instead of p/t effect for single agent, affects everyone. More defensive strategy.

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