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I've mentioned before the excellent custom set Verdia, created by Fallingman in 2008. I've wanted to refer to cards from it, but it seems to have disappeared off the internet. Fortunately I still have a copy of it saved locally from when I was playtesting it (with Fallingman's go-ahead), so I'm going to be uploading that to Multiverse shortly. I think it's excellent work and want other people to be able to enjoy looking at the cards too.

Well, it took me a little longer than I'd expected. But anyway. Here's Fallingman's set Verdia. I take no credit for it.

It was designed in 2008-2009, and reflects the terminology of the day (in particular it still says "in play" and "remove from the game" rather than "battlefield" and "exile"). But I think the set has a good amount to show about creative ideas for how to do custom set design. In particular, this set managed to be themed around lands in a much more interesting way than Zendikar which came out a year or two later.

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