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Those who aren't driven insane by this world were mad from the start.

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Look at the top three cards of your library. Choose two cards at random. Put one of those cards into your hand and the other on top of your library. Put the remaining card on the bottom of your library.
last 2016-02-27 00:11:22 by KeresAcheron
Target opponent draws seven cards.
Draw a card.
"Try not to think too hard."
last 2012-08-22 13:09:50 by Alex
Creature – Spirit
At the beginning of your upkeep, you gain 1 life for each creature card in your graveyard.
last 2012-12-31 17:55:25 by Alex
Creature – Spirit

Unearth {w}

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On Impulsive Nerve:

Maybe change the random factor to which ones goes into your hand vs. the top of your library. This raises the power level by making the users decisions matter more.

On Impulsive Nerve:

Also, while I really want this card to work and be flavorful, I'm open to going another route entirely if it is necessary and/or works better.

On Impulsive Nerve:

Hmmm... right you are. Dang, it's almost kinda embarrassing to have that pointed out considering I'd made a similar argument once as to why I dislike Think Twice (in short: 5 mana for card advantage of 1). Lol.

On Impulsive Nerve:

But... this still doesn't do anything! It causes a shuffle, it replaces itself, but it doesn't actually do anything. Okay, it's a 1-mana instant cantrip so things like Wee Dragonauts and Nivix Cyclops will like it, but the point is they'd like a cantrip that actually does something (eg Crimson Wisps) much more. This doesn't "draw cards", it "draws a card", i.e. replaces itself. It doesn't fill up the graveyard like Burning Inquiry or Faithless Looting.

On Impulsive Nerve:

Changed the wording just a bit, so now we've got a freshly shuffled deck and the other cards out of the way and safely on the bottom.

And, yeah jmgariepy, that reverse brainstorm is actually a pretty clever idea. I'm gonna make that card if you don't. :p

Also, while idk if red 'needs' a cards like this, but it certainly does appeal to a certain archtype of player, I think. Personally, I love U/R and drawing cards. Burning Inquiry is one of my favorites.

On Impulsive Nerve:

You got to be careful with that line of thought, since red isn't supposed to get straight card draw, and this is, randomness aside, straight card draw. I mean, the top two cards of your library are just random cards, too. What difference does it really make if you take cards 1 and 3?

I'm not trying to be a spoiler. Though, I got to admit... I'm also in the camp that doesn't quite 'get' this card as it stands... but I also understand the need for a card like this, if not only to amuse a certain archtype of player. It's harmless... but draw two cards for {3}{r} instant speed stops being harmless, and starts breaking the color-pie.

On Impulsive Nerve:

As Alex's earlier comment; dumping the cards on the bottom instead of shuffling would at least help the "have to shuffle" horridness.

Getting two random cards would need a serious cost bump. Red does random; so it is at least a red card still. I can see it as an inspiration mirror - but the cost needs to be 4+

On Impulsive Nerve:

Maybe if you put two cards on top of your library first, then drew three random cards from the top six cards, like a reverse Brainstorm?


I may have designed a completely different card, though. 8p

On Impulsive Nerve:

Whoa, so it'd be a red Inspiration? That seems to be too far the other way.

On Impulsive Nerve:

I like it too, Vitenka. :D

Alex, would making it cost {1}{r} and adding: 'Draw a card.' be fine? I really want to keep the feeling of a 'random-scry' but you make a good point.

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