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CardName: Mental Deluge Cost: 1U Type: Instant Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Target opponent draws seven cards. Draw a card. Flavour Text: "Try not to think too hard." Set/Rarity: Labyrinth Uncommon

Mental Deluge
Target opponent draws seven cards.
Draw a card.
"Try not to think too hard."
Updated on 31 Dec 2012 by DrugsForRobots

History: [-]

2011-08-28 03:53:21: DrugsForRobots created the card Mental Deluge
2012-08-22 07:55:58: DrugsForRobots edited Mental Deluge

­Wheel and Deal was a little more expensive last time.

That forced a discard - this doesn't, so is slightly weaker (they get to keep the best bit of both) though yeah, usually they will have to discard at least some cards from it.

Maybe U2?

Hmm... mill is cheaper nowadays, and I have to assume that that's the main use of this card. Unless you got some Underworld Dreams stuff going on... this card could be argued much worse than Mind Sculpt. Sure it draws you a card, but it draws the opponent seven. In theory, you play Mental Deluge when your opponent has only seven cards left in their deck... but if that was the only time you played this card, then 'Draw a card' would be irrelevant, thus removing the only reason why you'd play it over Mind Sculpt.

On another aside, Wheel and Deal is an instant, and this is not. That seems worth one mana right there.

This is all reminding me a bit of Forced Fruition. Which had some uses, and this could go in the same kind of deck.

2012-10-03 19:34:02: DrugsForRobots edited Mental Deluge
2012-12-31 09:09:59: DrugsForRobots edited Mental Deluge

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