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The Sultan of Two Worlds is one of the two upstarts that seeks to establish a new dynasty of kings on Deshub. During Ashber's trans-planar "diplomatic" travels, Farid was one of the nobles who served to maintain the Order the Kings. Quite clever and realizing the length of the absence, Farid abandoned his position and proclaimed himself as The Sultan of Two Worlds, igniting his endeavor with the stand that an absent King was worth was not sufficient when there were two worlds in need of a single ruler. The Sultan of Two Worlds supporters consist mostly of either those impressed by The Sultan of Two World's management capabilities before he proclaimed himself the new ruler of Deshub and those made paranoid by Ashber's absences on the throne. The Sultan of Two Worlds believes in the necessity of progress, or at least the necessity of progress to his image, and so he has worked to recreate as much of the First World in the Second World as possible.

Matafawwiq the Creator is a grounded efreet, the other upstart. Having lost his flight at a young age as punishment for challenging a djinn in his childhood, Matafawwiq resented that his magic was inferior to djinni magic and to this day he still harbors resentment for his cousins. Matafawwiq continued to practice his conjuration magic though, and would eventually kill the djinn that had bound his flight. Further, Matafawwiq crossed into the second world without aid of djinni magic, a rare occurrence for efreet and marid. Matafawwiq, now a known djinn slayer, found few willing to contest his conjuration spells. In the Second World Matafawwiq actually conjured organic, sentient beings, something not even djinn are known to do. Many of Matafawwiq's allies are those he conjured into existence and feel a debt of loyalty to their maker. Many efreet view Matafawwiq as a hero of their kind, and even some humans hold the view as well. Through his sheer power, Matafawwiq believes he has the right to rule Deshub.

Khaled, Warith Grandmaster is the current head of the Warith mercenaries. Using wishpower chips dating back to centuries past the Warith mercenaries leave all their knowledge and personality in the chips when they die. Khaled has the chip containing the most voices and most vast amount knowledge. That chip does not grant the title of Grandmaster, but Khaled's composure despite the overload from personalities and information constantly bombarding his psyche for the past thirty years evidence his discipline. Khaled is able to use the past lives stored in the chip to switch between combat styles instantaneously as well as adapting to whatever social roles he may need. Khaled was always ambitious and sought the Warith band because no soldier on Deshub ever had their name become a myth or even a part of history. As Grandmaster Khaled is still seeking to make his mark in Deshub's history. Though he has no interest in attempting to become like the upstarts, the Grandmaster has an interest in acquiring Rikkar, Master of Arms, the peculiar foreign friend that the Quiet King, Ashber recently returned with. Either paid by the King to slay the upstarts or by an upstart to kill the Kor general Rikkar would be actions that Khaled believes would make him into a legend.

Tariquih the Wishmaster is believed the be the most powerful of the great djinn. Tariquih is said to know every wish the he will be requested and has already chosen whether or not he will make request. Tariquih spends time in both the Second and First worlds simultaneously. His preferred payment is two have someone request a second which that Tariquih will ensure never comes true.

Ghurur, the Absolute is Tariquih's brother. Ghurur's preferred payment is repeated praise and veneration, and among other races it's believed that this is because he hates living in the shadow of his brother. Ghurur has a moral code and will only conduct business with mortals whom he finds to be of acceptable character. To ensure his reputation Ghurur has been known to go above and beyond in granting wishes for mortals, even modifying already granted wishes so that they can continue to aid mortals. As kind as Ghurur can be to mortals those that betray his code of ethics face wrathful judgement. Ghurur spends most of his time in the First World watching those whose wishes he has granted.

Nadam, the Deceitful is known for her joy in tricking mortals. Perhaps the most elitist of the great djinn, she believes that anyone who willing to request a wish deserves any ill effects that may come from how a djinn understands that wish. Despite her penchant picking apart statements to cause many a tragedy, Nadam greatly respects those that utterly eschew djinn magic, believing they're smart enough to know that they aren't smart to be involved in what they can't handle. Mortals capable of actually articulating a wish that Nadam cannot twist to an ill fate she respects even more than those avoiding wishpower. Nadam has no specific taste in payment, taking anything from anecdotes to children. Nadam spends most of her personal time in the Second World, only journeying to the First World when she hears mortals seeking her specifically.

Midan, Gifting Greatness is the most aloof the great djinn. Midan prefers to make a deal with those seeking her to grant them wishes. These deals usually involve the wish not being immediately available so that the mortal must raise themself to be capable of accepting the wish or wishpower. This bargaining method is viewed as lazy by the other great djinn, though other djinn believe Midan's methods are a rough compassion. Like Tariquih, Midan spends her time simulatenously in both the First and Second worlds. A lover of food Midan has been to known to give wishes to plants and animals so that they'll be more enjoyable when she consumes them.

Junun Haqad, the Corrupter has the greatest dislike for his cousins the marid and efreet, considering their existence unnecessary due to their inferiority to djinn. Junun Haqad believes mortals are wonderful vessels for the true and inevitably miserable experiences of life. Rather than make mortals regret their own wish like Nadam, Junun Haqad grants his wishes so that other mortals suffer from the wish he grants. Junun Haqad often demands the slaying of an efreet or marid as payment. Because the efreet Matafawwiq has slain djinn the upstart is of unbearable ire to Junun Haqad, and the great djinn has made a bounty on the upstart, offering any three wishes as a reward. As Matafawwiq continues to show greater and greater conjuration spells Junun Haqad grows continually nervous and constantly switches between the First and Second worlds.

Quiet King, Ashber is the current King of Deshub and the 19th ruler of the Masig dynasty. Having ruled Deshub since he ascended the throne at age 20, the past nine years of his reign have been been marked with unaccounted absences where advisers and nobles maintain the Order of the King. Ashber believes in his hereditary right to rule and that he is the best ruler for the people. Ashber has some unease towards djinn interventions with humans, a sentiment not uncommon with from many previous kings. Ashber keeps his extensive immediate family close, though many few know him any better than his advisers. Ishzil and Ubirir, Ashber's twin firstborns, are often seen with their father when Ashber is present of Deshub. Ashber intends both rule jointly though the king refuses to alter laws in case of troubles from his children's succession, believing the already established laws should be adequate guidelines. Farid's betrayal in titling himself The Sultan of Two Worlds is disgusting and abominable in Ashber's eyes, and the king considers the treason of a subject far more severe than the revolt of an efreet. Matafawwiq's belief that his power should make him the ruler of Deshub does cause some problem for King Ashber. Initially Ashber sought treaties to Matafawwiq to limit the efreet's claims to a degree they encroach upon The Second World or any part of human civilization, though the Creator seems uninterested in Ashber's offers.

Rikkar, Master of Arms is a kor former general from the continent Urmak on the plane of Plavar. Humbled and stripped of title by Urmak's defeat against Eluim, Rikkar met Ashber while studying the victor's steamboom technology. Ashber had a keen eye for potential and made friends with Rikkar. An agreement was made between the two that if Rikkar served as Ashber's general and improved Deshub's army both in terms of skill and increasing loyalty that Ashber would make sure Rikkar had access to the best implants and other djinn-granted weapons and modifications that could be transported back to Urmak. Rikkar hopes that after helping Ashber the technology he's received will allow him to raise another army and crush Eluim.

Najiya Layasmae is a young planeswalker native of the town Khafdur. Growing up with in a town known for idolizing heroes, Najiya has less than a favorable view of tributing and abiding to the rules of some king she's never even seen. While Najiya feels great loyalty to her home, she ignores The Order of the King, having removed her mandatory implant for receiving announcements from Ashber's court as well as having refused to pay the tribute tax, which led to the seizure of her property and her in turn destroying the entire tribute from Khafdur. Najiya's actions have greatly infuriated Ashber, though as she seeks not his position the king's attention is focused on the upstarts.

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