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CardName: Supported Mana Symbols Cost: Type: Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Here's a list of all known mana symbols in the system. Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Conversation None

Supported Mana Symbols
Here's a list of all known mana symbols in the system.
Updated on 9 Jul 2018 by jmgariepy

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2018-07-09 02:55:27: jmgariepy created and commented on the card Supported Mana Symbols

This is a page to showcase all the known mana symbols in the system. When you write these codes in the 'Cost' field of cards, without brackets, they auto-populate the symbol. To write them in the 'ability' field on the card, or to write mana symbols in these comment fields, you need to surround the codes in curly brackets like this: {1}{W}{R} to get this: {1}{w}{r}.

Both capital and lowercase letters can be used. You can also use parenthesis instead of curly brackets, but I recommend against it. It's possible that some day in the future the ability to use parenthesis will be removed from the description field. (Every now and then, someone puts the letter 'B' or 'S' in parenthesis by itself. Trust me, it makes sense in context. But it doesn't make sense when the {b} or {s} symbol spontaneously appear in conversation.)

The following is a list of known symbols. If I missed any, comment and I'll add it to the list.

The Tap Symbol

{T} = {t}

The Untap Symbol

{Q} = {q}

The Five Core Mana Symbols

{W} = {w} ­
{U} = {u} ­
{B} = {b} ­
{R} = {r} ­
{G} = {g}

Colorless Mana

{C} = {c}

Generic Mana

{0} = {0} ­
{1} = {1} ­
{2} = {2} ­
{3} = {3}


{18} = {18} ­
{19} = {19} ­
{20} = {20}

21+ isn't supported, but

{100} = {100} ­
{1000000} = {1000000}

Variable Mana

{X} = {x} ­
{Y} = {y} ­
{?} = {?}

There is no 'Z'. I guess {Z} was too joke-y, but {1000000} was fine. Go figure.

Hybrid Mana

{W/U} = {w/u} ­
{W/B} = {w/b} ­
{W/R} = {w/r} ­
{W/G} = {w/g} ­
{U/B} = {u/b} ­
{U/R} = {u/r} ­
{U/G} = {u/g} ­
{B/R} = {b/r} ­
{B/G} = {b/g} ­
{R/G} = {r/g}

{2/W} = {2/w} ­
{2/U} = {2/u} ­
{2/B} = {2/b} ­
{2/R} = {2/r} ­
{2/G} = {2/g}

{3/W} = {3/w} ­
{3/U} = {3/u} ­
{3/B} = {3/b} ­
{3/R} = {3/r} ­
{3/G} = {3/g}

Phyrexian Mana

{PW} = {pw} ­
{PU} = {pu} ­
{PB} = {pb} ­
{PR} = {pr} ­
{PG} = {pg}

Snow Mana

{S} = {s}


{E} = {e}

The Chaos Symbol

{CHAOS} = {chaos}

Hey, what is the chaos symbol now? I think it was {C} at one point, but got swapped out when {c} became a thing. But I don't know what the symbol became.

{CHAOS} is {chaos}.

Also: {T} is {t}. {Q} is {q}.

This is an official page to showcase all the known mana symbols in the system.

By what authority is this "official"?

That's fair. Removed the offending word 'official'. I meant 'intended to be complete'. But you know... words. Sometimes we don't use words the way they're supposed to be literally interpreted, which is fine, until they are literally interpreted, and the entire English language comes collapsing down on us.

{E} for {e} aka energy.

Is infinite mana a thing here - or power/toughness (Infinity Elemental)? Come to think of it, Mox Lotus can't be properly worded with {c} now.

{ 0 } -> {0} exists too.

And it is official by the authority of jmg, who I officially authorise to be allowed to be official for this page.

@Vitenka: Thank you. I will make sure to only use my powers for awesome.


­{1000000} {infinity} {inf} {OldW} {½} {½R} {HR} {HALF} {HalfW} {1-2} {1/2} Got me wondering. But only one of them worked. Nice pickup, though.

An aside: I wish we had access to the Pokemon type symbols. They make good alternate symbols for people designing non-Magic games. Ah well.

Of all of these I find the fact that {½} is missing the weirdest.

@dude1818: xD You actually went to the trouble to mock that up? Still, I technically only count 475 colorless mana in there (Yes, it indicates that the mana symbols continue as it goes over the frame). Not enough to power out a Gleemax.

Technically, it might exist but we haven't found it yet. I've been hunting down some sort of similar list from other websites who have compiled a master list of Gatherer mana symbols and their codes, but I haven't found any that are even half as thorough as ours. I'm sure someone will point out to me that it's a super popular page, and I'm an idiot for not knowing about it.

Went to Little Girl and copied the web address for the mana symbol image file. It's

For contrast, the red mana symbol is

In other words, if 'R' is {r}, then 'HalfW' should be the half white symbol. But it isn't. Which is a pretty good argument for it just not existing. The same seems to apply to 'Z' and The Ultimate Nightmare of Wizards of the Coast® Customer Service.

Oh. That's funny. They errated the flavor text of TUNoWotCCS so that it now sends people to their e-mail address and twitter help page.

Well, I personally care more about the possibility of getting 'purple mana' (and frame) so... custom mana symbols would resolve that and the other missing symbols as well.

­{c} as a watermark on a land is another on the todo list as well. You can have custom watermarks though as was done in the case of my Wastes.

Another suspiciously missing symbol is {PLANESWALK}. It's weird that 'CHAOS' would exist, but the other symbol doesn't.

Okay, maybe it's not that weird, considering how often the chaos symbol is written on planes, and the planewalk symbol was never printed on a card...

Oh, I didn't make that mockup. It's an old mockup I found on Tumblr back when the colorless mana errata happened, but I couldn't find the source post this morning, just the image

this is awesome! thanks a ton!

A lot of really cool symbols are missing, I'd love to see more if that's a possibility! Love to all :D

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