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CardName: speakeasy Cost: Type: Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: For example, _"You may pay {5} to draw a card"_ instead of _"You may pay {5}, if you do, draw a card"_ Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Conversation None

For example,
"You may pay {5} to draw a card"
instead of
"You may pay {5}, if you do, draw a card"
Updated on 29 Jun 2018 by Tahazzar

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2018-06-26 16:47:33: Froggychum created the card speakeasy

I know wizards likes to save design space if they can, so would they ever consider beginning to write things simpler?

Instead of "You may pay {5}, if you do, draw a card"

it could be

"You may pay {5} to draw a card"

maybe they do this, but sometimes I think things could be shortened and am surprised they haven't already

2018-06-28 09:19:50: Tahazzar edited speakeasy

I added some kind of description on the card.

On the suggestion itself, the wording looks familiar to stuff seen in the older cards. It's hardly shorter and depending on the context, could make you question the timing.

So if I'm getting this right you are saying that Academy Raider would read better as

Whenever ~ deals combat damage to a player, you may discard a card to draw a card.

That kind of makes me think I would be able to rummage as many times as I want once I get a hit in.

I think they changed to the current wordier template due to translation problems; but I might be misremembering. I do know that actual real people have had trouble understanding "X to Y" responding "I cannot X, so I just get Y free, right?" even though "NO; why would you EVEN?" feels like the right level of response to that.

It's for consistency. And with the new staggered triggers the consistency is even higher since they have now to kind of abilities that are worded "When A, you may B. When you do, do C to target D." It's neat to have similar wordings for these that are distinct only in key phrases.

Remember also that "If you do" does not always follow an optional instrunction - sometimes it's mandatory, but you might not be able. Those also fit neatly into the same template.

I did assume there was rules baggage with it. I just sometimes get the urge for a simpler way of writing, one that maybe flows nicer and is more intuitive on the surface level, but when you get into it, it would obviously fall apart.

It's mostly me just being lazy

Also another idea, maybe a bit branching off (possibly)

do you think they might stop saying x player's library when shuffling?

I mean after removing x players mana pool, i'm thinking abut stuff that could free design space.

To be real, what would you shuffle if not your deck? Your hand? I dont think so. Im quite sure everyone knows how to shuffle (although wizards has said it's not great for beginners to have to do, not that they dont know how, just they dont like to)

So why not simplify it?

when ~ etbs, search your library for a card and put it into your hand, then shuffle.

also shuffle could come with reminder text in core sets or in minor appearances, but it's overall pretty simple.

To be real, what would you shuffle if not your deck?

A face-down pile of exiled cards. See e. g. Ghastly Conscription.

It has been suggested before to shorten that phrase. It really creates issues in only some corner cases and might be doable.

Yeah, I'm in favor of the 'autoshuffle' clause that MaRo has suggested as well. I personally already use it in my sets: Shepherd of the Trees, Elvish Harbinger, Heed the Call, and Humble Tutor.

You could do "Shuffle your deck for a creature". But that might take a while...

Wouln't the best way be to comp-rules that unknown portions of your deck are always unknown, and you should shuffle any time you find something out that you're not explicitly directed to?

But searching your library due to an effect is something you are explicitly directed to do.

Yeah; but you're not directed to look at any of the OTHER cards. Just the one you choose.

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