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CardName: GDS3 Set Questions Cost: Type: Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: What was your favorite set and the worst part about it? What was your least favorite set and the best part about it? Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Conversation None

GDS3 Set Questions
What was your favorite set and the worst part about it?
What was your least favorite set and the best part about it?
Updated on 28 Jan 2018 by Mal

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2018-01-22 16:37:47: Mal created and commented on the card GDS3 Set Questions

Favorite set: Khans, but signalled the beginning of developmental issues for standard sets.

Least favorite set: BFZ, but it had a couple of cool eldrazi spell designs, being a certain color but "weird" - i.e. Turn Against, which is an unusually seen instant speed effect of a normally standard sorcery effect in red.

These were two of the questions that I had no answer for. I didn't think Khans of Tarkir had enough playable instants and sorceries to support Prowess in limited, but I mean, Treasure Cruise for days. I haven't played enough with most sets to the point that I can say anything positive about the set (if I decide on one) that I like the least.

Favorite set: Time Spiral. The worst part is that the complexity was too visible on the surface level - the depth of the set bought at too high a price.

Least Favorite set: Something, something... Oath of the Gatewatch? The best part was the distinct mechanical treatment of Kozilek and colorless mana.

Favorite set: Kaladesh because of artifacts and energy. Worst part was combining artifacts and energy. cough Standard bannings

Least favorite set: Oath of the Gatewatch, because damn did you fuck up the Eldrazi. I only picked this over Battle for Zendikar or Eldritch Moon because colorless mana was good.

Favorite set: Ravnica block. Worst part was some guilds weren't as viable as others.

Least favorite set: Battle for Zendikar. Best part was colorless mana symbol.

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