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CardName: Vehicles and other in Kaladesh Cost: Type: Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Conversation None

Vehicles and other in Kaladesh
Updated on 13 Sep 2016 by Jack V

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2016-09-02 20:48:14: Jack V created and commented on the card Vehicles and other in Kaladesh

Woah, they finally made a vehicle mechanic. Apparently it's a lot simpler if the creatures just drive the vehicle and don't use any of their own abilities :)

The other cards are pretty surpising as well. (And the fox artifact is so pretty.)

I fabricate giving any Tesla person tinker flashbacks?

Enegy is so much simpler than Recharge :(

Vehicle, besides very dumbed down, the most interesting part is putting P/T values on non-creature cards. Will we see that on manlands?

actually Energy seems more efficient replacement for Gold tokens. One symbol replaces entire "Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool." Sure Energy is insular, but it reads so much better. except when they have too much symbols together. they should streamline when more than five of the same mana symbols are together to avoid miscounting.

e.g. Pay eight {e}. Gain six {r}.

Could or should {e} be a mana type or not? It has a symbol, functions as mana, generated like mana. The main difference is Energy sticks around between steps and phases.

It's not mana. It doesn't go in your mana pool. And vehicles aren't dumbed down, since they have no precedent in Magic.

I'm a fan of P/T on noncreatures. A possibly valuable tool

Fabricate did indeed remind me very strongly of Tinker :) Well done you guys for finding that!

And the energy mechanic reminded me rather strongly of my power types as on Refractive Cagemail, Amber-Preserved Relic and friends. Especially the Module three-card cycle is directly analogous to my Refractive Cagemail five-card cycle and aiming at the same feeling.

Their implementation of vehicles is pretty interesting. P/T on noncreatures is cool but I wonder how confusing it'll be.

I love the visuals to it - I couldn't resist adding them to Multiverse :D See Unstoppable Roadhowler. Multiverse will now assume that anything with type "Vehicle" should have the brown P/T box, but you can override this by setting Frame "Artifact" rather than "Auto". (And you can force it by setting Frame to "Artifact - Vehicle" on any other card.)

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