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CardName: 'Chandra Anti-Eldrazi Moment' Cost: 3r Type: Instant Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Destroy target colorless permanent. Flavour Text: "" -Chandra Set/Rarity: KeresAcheron's Misc Cards Uncommon

'Chandra Anti-Eldrazi Moment'
Destroy target colorless permanent.
Updated on 28 Dec 2018 by KeresAcheron

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2016-05-28 02:48:07: KeresAcheron created and commented on the card 'Chandra Anti-Eldrazi Moment'

Simple effect that has yet to be used on card so made it vanilla. Due to land/artifact hate feels more green-black than white-black.

2016-05-28 02:50:15: KeresAcheron edited 'Chandra Anti-Eldrazi Moment'
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I've usually seen this on mono-{r} cards since it's most of the time land destruction and artifact destruction ala Demolish.

According to Mark Rosewater red can't destroy colourless permanents due the existence of the Eldrazi. (And neither can green).

And in a set with Eldrazi making this mono-red is far worse. Which is why its a gold card in a colour combination that can already destroy permanents. (It's feels closer to green than white hence why it's black/green).

Yeah... Idk, eldazi are beings devoid of color and {r} is the vivid spark (slightly similar as to why of all colors {r} is the most rebellious of the phyrexians)... kinda makes sense to me for it be able to do that kind of a 'bend', especially since eldrazi are so rarely seen. Since personally I think that {r} should have the best color fixing from that I would also derive it would be the color most likely to have "colorless hosing".

The largest and baddest of the eldrazi also have indestructible or some other kind of protection (or are spawns) so it would be moot against them anyway... and those are the ones I usually see being played - not the limited junk with devoid or whatever. Thought-Knot Seer might be quite played in modern though.

As a {2}{b}{g} colored card I find this extremely bland. In practice, it will be "Destroy target artifact or land" at least 90 % of time so it doesn't seem that great as a two-colored card that usually showcase how exciting it can be to combine effects of two+ colors. Demanding {b} in a spell that's practically mono-{g} and/or mono-{r} is a bit overly zealous in keeping with the color pie if you ask me.

The mono-{r} is at least more interesting by default since it raises some questions regarding color pie that I don't really see as having clear-cut answers even if MaRo might not agree with that. The golgari variant is just disappointing to play and as a concept IMO.


"Why is this {b} again? ... Yeah, I guess, whatever :/"

while for the other variant

"So it's a bad Demolish (colored artifacts not included)? ... Wait, it can get rid of eldrazi as well? Oh, that's interesting."

"Destroy target artifact or land." at instant speed already justifies the cost. In a single color you wouldn't get this at the same convetred mana cost.

Besides: One mana cost/color combination does not invalidate another for the same effect.

Isn't instant speed land removal discouraged in any case? That makes that point quite mood.

While it's certainly possibly in {b/g} I was just saying it's more of an exciting experience for players as a mono-{r} card.

So would be a red Disenchant. Doesn't mean that it's not a break

It also seems pretty inane to claim that red, the color that most cares about immediate results, would be any good at mana fixing at all, a very long-term, big picture idea. If anything, red should be the worst at mana fixing, because that's all about delayed gratification. That why red is the color of rituals

I don't think red smashing eldrazi would be a break, merely a minor bend if any at all, but whatever.

... would be any good at mana fixing at all, a very long-term, big picture idea.

Wut? Probably around half of all mana fixing is done in the form of temporal mana effects (ie. Chromatic Star, Manamorphose) and most rituals do some form of mana fixing, even Pyretic Ritual. How is not being able to cast that one card because your mana is all wonky an immediate problem that requires an immediate result? In many cases you need that fix only for that one cast.

Then there's the whole flavor aspect of creativity in red that could now be represent by (mana) painters / artists in red - even those who do it not in the form of rituals, but by the way of Viridian Acolyte.

Red doing color fixing also already has precedence in the "official" color pie as it:

You're using the wrong words, then. Red can make mana as one-off effects: those are called rituals. Mana fixing is permanent mana production, so ramp (tutoring lands, mana rocks, or mana dorks) or color fixing (e.g. Prismatic Omen).

I don't your description of a ritual is quite right. Is Chromatic Star a ritual? I also think people would describe Manamorphose as a color fixing card and I would say it's more that than a Ritual (accel), since as far as I know, rituals should always make a surplus of mana.

Anyway, what I've been trying to say that {r} IMO should get more color fixing, especially that in the form of accel, but not in the form of ramp.

See the new, freshly spoiled Goblin Cratermaker (here's the mythicspoiler link 'till gatherer is updated). So I guess Mark was WRRROOOOONG.

Summon Compact car?

You're all VROOOM VROM!

2018-12-28 07:22:01: KeresAcheron edited 'Chandra Anti-Eldrazi Moment':

Changed from 2BG to 3R reflecting recent colour pie changes.

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