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CardName: Asking for Help from Other Users Cost: Type: Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Some cardsets are explicitly community-designed. All public cardsets are implicitly inviting comment. But sometimes we want to explicitly ask for help from the community for personal cardsets. How do we do that? Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Conversation None

Asking for Help from Other Users
Some cardsets are explicitly community-designed.
All public cardsets are implicitly inviting comment.
But sometimes we want to explicitly ask for help from the community for personal cardsets. How do we do that?
Updated on 29 Sep 2014 by Alex

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2014-09-10 16:55:21: Alex created the card Asking for Help from Other Users

This is both a request for contributions on a specific topic, and an invitation to discussion on the more general question of how we invite contributions :)

My Code Geass set is in need of mechanics, and I've not come up with anything I'm hugely impressed by so far. So I'd love it if anyone here had suggestions. I'm particularly looking for a keyword mechanic (suitable for common cards) for the Britannian Faction, and another keyword mechanic suitable for commons for the Black Knights Faction. You don't need to know anything about those factions to contribute, except what's in the highlighted yellow comment on each faction's card!

I suspect that many users won't bother to read latest updates on that set, because it's tied to the flavour of a particular fictional setting which many of you here haven't seen (though you should ;) ). So the more general question is: Is there a need for some centralised place where we can invite people to come and look at particular requests we have? Highlighted comments work once people are looking at the cardset, but not if people aren't going to look into the set. Rachael suggested I could hold a Design Challenge on the topic, but that seems a bit self-indulgent and not really within the spirit of the design challenges.

Isn't that what toothychat is for? :)

@Vitenka: It might be. But I don't really frequent toothychat (or have ever posted there.) There certainly isn't a link to toothychat from multiverse, so I don't know how many MV regulars spend anytime at TC...

I've also thought about sending stuff I've been working on over to Design Challenge, but felt that wasn't a good idea. Specifically, I wanted to send Community Set problems over there. But if people aren't willing/don't have the time/aren't interested in solving the problem at Community Set, then it wouldn't make much sense forcing it upon them at Design Challenge. Maybe this sort of thing is different? Don't know.

I will say that Conversation seems like a good centralized place where we can invite people to come look at requests. I kind of doubt opening another set for 'requests' is wise. One, because people might abuse it, which would lead to people ignoring it. But two: If it isn't abused, then the set would end up getting buried. Maybe I'm wrong. But so far, there's only been two requests for help on conversation (that I can think of.) I'd wait to see if more popped up before separating the pages.

I will say, however, that it would be nice if the Recent Updates page had some sort of color coding, highlighting different events in different colors so problems like this could just pop out. Perhaps a red highlight for when someone is asking for design help. I would think that pick up a lot of attention.

I don't even know what toothychat is, honestly.
I think a place to put requests would be useful, but I don't know who all would use it. I know I would, since I'm struggling with Anydria and I like the idea of just brainstorming for somebody else's set.

Link: Oh, cool! I didn't realise you were soliciting ideas for Anhydria. Point me at something explaining the broad category you're after and I'll see what I can come up with :)

Re ToothyChat: You're all making the mistake of taking Vitenka seriously again... ToothyChat is a browser-based chatroom, like an IRC channel (remember those?). The #elliott channel is on the topic of "games" (board games, video games, and quite a lot of Magic: the Gathering chat). Anyone's welcome, but it's probably not a very conducive venue for making design requests, and certainly not for reaching the majority of Multiverse users, who as demonstrated don't go there much!

On the topic of design challenges: I don't know how many of you follow the Goblin Artisans blog, but they have weekly design challenges and are apparently exploring possibilities for getting more involved in helping each other with our custom designs.

I even used a smiley and everything....

Anyway. Yeah; in the "Here are some random sets" it might be nice to also have "And here are some requests (random yellow-flagged comments) set designers have made"

Though, if it's not in recent changes, I'll not see it.

I don't think I've actively solicited, but I should be. I can't decide if the mechanics I've come up with are exciting or not.

on 29 Sep 2014 by Visitor:

When ever I need advice/ help on on issue with a card or set of cards I'm working on I tend to go to the MTGSalvation card creation forums. I don't know have many members here also post there so I don't know how much help it would be. I found out about this site somewhere on that one.

Come to think of it, it might be very nice to have a central set for open requests, either its own set, or maybe a separate details page in design challenge linking to request cards in that set or in other sets. Then partly, people can throw up requests without needing the formality of a design challenge, and partly, if we want to stretch our creative muscles, we can go there and browse requests we might have something to submit for.

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