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CardName: Formatting Change on Modal Cards Cost: Type: Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Modal spells now use bullets. Choose one -- • That's really cool! • I don't care. • What? That's ridiculous! Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Conversation None

Formatting Change on Modal Cards
Modal spells now use bullets. Choose one —
• That's really cool!
• I don't care.
• What? That's ridiculous!
Updated on 25 Apr 2015 by Alex

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2014-08-30 05:53:00: Alex created the card Formatting Change on Modal Cards
2014-08-30 05:53:14: Alex edited Formatting Change on Modal Cards

See e.g. the Oracle wording for Cryptic Command or Gruul Charm. This is likely because we're about to get a bunch of wedge clan charms in Khans of Tarkir.

Multiverse doesn't have a very good way to type bullet points at the moment. Copypasting the bullet character • gets there, but is somewhat fiddly.

2014-08-30 05:55:08: Alex edited Formatting Change on Modal Cards

I thought that markdown supported asterisks:

  • Testing
  • Testing

Yup, it does.

That's dumb. It takes up so much extra space.

Yeah. It's "clearer," but it adds a bunch of lines to the text.

I wonder if Entwine will appear in the Tarkir block.

THat would mean bringing back 2 mechanics instead of one...

Which is what they're doing. At the PAX panel I'm pretty sure they said there are two returning mechanics.

That's true, but I thought one of the returning mechanics was specific to one of the clans. I guess entwine could be restricted to three colours this time round...

V: Markdown does support asterisks, but my card text formatting parser isn't markdown. It supports italic and bold, but pretty much nothing else.

I guess that Delve is the other returning mechanic...
What the heck is up with outlast? They didn't think it was inherently boring enough already, so they had to make it activate only as a sorcery? So lame. I can't say prowess is very exciting, either. They both remind me of Unleash.

Outlast makes sense as a sorcery, since it's like level-up and that was apparently too complex at instant speed. But I can't imagine why it's a tap ability. It would have been the perfect late-game mechanic, just like it name implies.

Back on topic, the first charm with the new template has been released: picture.

The only charm spoiled so far has short text, so I'm a bit worried on how small the text will be when the abilities are a little more wordy -- Recharge

for outlast, I understand how they want to imply "endurance" to mean training over a long period of time, not just a one-turn mana dump.

Sad, I used almost the exact same mechanic when I was musing about Pokemon: Poliwag

Yeah, I'm worried about how things like Cryptic Command would look printed on a card now.

They won't print cards like that anymore.

Outlast is much more tactically interesting as a sorcery tap ability since you're opting out of attacking or blocking. One of those cases where making things harder makes the gameplay more interesting.

Heh, dude's comment here proved to be amusingly wrong: not only has Profane Command been reprinted with the new formatting, but also DTK brought an entire new cycle of commands - Dromoka's Command etc :)

I like looking back at my old comments and seeing how wrong I was. I quite like the new modal formatting.

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