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CardName: New site name Cost: Type: Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Multiverse may be moving to its own domain, and multiverse.[com|net|org] are taken. It might be a good time to change the site's name, but to what? Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Multiverse Feedback Common

New site name
Multiverse may be moving to its own domain, and multiverse.[com|net|org] are taken. It might be a good time to change the site's name, but to what?
Updated on 08 Mar 2012 by Alex

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2012-03-08 14:17:09: Jack V created the card New site name
2012-03-08 14:17:18: Jack V edited New site name

I wanted to comment on the possible domain names (Multimultiverse, Plane Maker, Planar Forge), and expected other people might too.

I'm really not sure. I didn't really like any of the suggested ones, but I'm not sure how much that's because I'm used to "Multiverse" -- maybe you should ask some people who are NOT current users of multiverse what they think? :)

Multimultiverse sounds relevant but clunky. The two "planar" suggestions sound fine, but I'm not sure how much people will associate them with magic.

I tried to think of other suggestions, and nothing came to mind, sorry!

I agree "Multiverse" is most apt, but has the somewhat downside that it's a bit generic, and the big downside that it may infringe wizards (I mean, they probably haven't copyrighted it because it's only used internally, but it might be impolite. OTOH, they might not care, I don't know.)

I wonder if there may be some variant of "Multiverse" that has the right connotations? "Public multiverse"? "Parallel multiverse"? "Clockwork Multiverse"? "Hyperverse"?

(Jack is referring to the potential new site names referred to in the Multiverse user survey.)

Yeah, currently people are mostly in favour of keeping the name "Multiverse". I am factoring in a significant element of "That's what I'm used to", but there's also reasonable amounts of "none of the others are very good".

Part of the problem is that there isn't much clear concept for what a cardset is. An MTG expansion. A new world (hence "plane").

Further ideas, mostly bad:

  • Magic Set Designer (sounds too much like MSE)
  • Cardset DB (boring-a-rama)
  • MyCardset (sounds like it's aimed at 12 year olds)
  • Multiverse Expansion or other variants on Multiverse Something
  • Open Multiverse (similar to Jack's "Parallel Multiverse", which I also quite like)
2012-03-08 14:39:04: Alex edited New site name

Well, arbitrary top level domains are now available - multi.verse ? :)

EDIT: ouch, ok. not at €79 a pop.

Better than the cost for ".verse" :) Although someone should eventually buy that :)

Open Multiverse has good connotations.

Cardsetorama? Tcgverse?

I like Multiverse Cardset Database. BTW, will be available soon, since the company went out of business.

I like the word 'forge', but I've noted that so don't a lot of other people. Too many other non-Multiverse projects have tacked that word into their working title.

How about "The Blind Eternities"? The name sounds cool, anyone with a working knowledge of Magic flavor gets the reference that The Blind Eternities is a neutral zone between all planes, and, while I'd be a bit concerned about copyright infringement... well... you know... this is a site dedicated to designing your own Magic cards. I'm pretty sure that if Wizards felt threatened by us, they could take this whole operation down in nigh half a fortnight. As long as we're adding to the community, I wouldn't think they'd mind.

I was also thinking about Blind Eternities, but I was put off flavourfully because it's the chaotic space between planes and not the place in which they reside. But that's not a great reason.

If you can get somehow that'd be awesome :)

The Blind Eternities sounds fancy. If you're worried about Wizards disliking that, you could go with some obvious riff off of that, like the Seeing Infinities. Or the Infinite Visions. Or... something better.

I also like how Blind Eternities sounds, and I think it's fine that it's referring to the space rather than the planes. But on the downside, it sounds a bit clunky as a domain name, and it's even more so wizards' intellectual property (since multiverse is just an internal database, and is also a common word), and I don't know if it'd be meaningful to people not already steeped in magic creative.

(I'd never heard of it before now, or forgotten -- I love a lot of the flavour wizards invents for planes, but never got into the flavour of the universe or the famous stories.)

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