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CardName: Stability Cost: 2WWW Type: Creature - Avatar Pow/Tgh: 5/5 Rules Text: Vigilance The power and toughness of creatures you control can't be changed from their printed values. Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Link's Unplaced Cards Mythic

Creature – Avatar
The power and toughness of creatures you control can't be changed from their printed values.
Updated on 6 Mar 2012 by Link

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2012-02-24 18:58:47: Link created the card Stability
2012-02-24 18:59:14: Link edited Stability

A.) That second ability is awesome. B.) 90% of the time this is going to read "You win." How many decks have you built that have some amount of enchantment removal? Now imagine this enchantment backed up with a modest amount of counterspells, so that the few Demystifys that you are packing are guaranteed to be countered. Platinum Emperion and Platinum Angel started as 8 and 7cc spells. Granted, they have big creatures attached, but if you removed the creature from Platinum Angel, it would probably still be a 7cc spell...

Yeah, unless you're in a poison-heavy environment, or mass milling or something - this is WAY too cheap for that first ability.

The second one though - I like that second one. It's interesting, you can build around it. Though I fear some players will try it on with "You deal it damage, but its toughness can't change, so dealing it more damage won't help kill it." which is wrong, but I can just hear the whining already.

Reminder text could clear that up. Just something that tells people that damage greater than or equal to toughness kills creatures. It would be a rare occasion to let the players see behind the curtain, too.

You're right, this is way to cheap at 5. I was silly. I feel like Platinum Angel being 7cmc and colorless means this can be 6 with a heavy white commitment, especially since something like Worship only costs 4.

2012-02-25 09:41:24: Link edited Stability

­Platinum Emperion is a better setting for the first ability, both because it's easier to kill (Doom Blade, Fireball, Shatter) and because it helps you end the game after you lock it down.

I agree the second ability is really interesting though.

If I put this on a creature, I'll probably get rid of the first ability, so that it and Platinum Emperion feel more special and separate from one another.

2012-03-05 00:12:26: Link edited Stability

Interesting. Stops Curse of Death's Hold, Black Sun's Zenith, Agony Warp. This would prove a very potent sideboard card for an aggro/midrange deck.

It's also infinite mana with Devoted Druid. Not that there aren't plenty of combos for that already, I guess.

If this is a mythic (and the ability is unusual enough for it to be a mythic), it should be a bigger creature, probably square-stats. I mean, it's not like you can boost it with equipment ;)

Good point. I'd rather keep it in the range of "usable" mana cost, so how does 5/5 for 5 sound?

2012-03-05 13:32:55: Link edited Stability

Looks fine to me.

Sweet. Maybe add a simple static ability so that it's a little more bomb-y in limited?

Hmmm... Vigilance might be flavorfull.

It might be fun to have a red reflection called Instability that sets your creatures' power and toughness to a random value each turn.

2012-03-06 21:55:00: Link edited Stability

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