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CardName: NTC #100 Cost: 5UUU Type: Sorcery Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Shuffle all nonland permanents you own into your library. Draw one hundred cards. (If you can't, you lose the game.) Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Name That Card Mythic

NTC #100
Shuffle all nonland permanents you own into your library. Draw one hundred cards. (If you can't, you lose the game.)
Updated on 20 Jun 2022 by jmgariepy

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2022-06-12 04:22:50: jmgariepy created the card NTC #100

Welcome to NTC #100! Back in 2007, someone asked Wizards what it would cost to draw 100 cards, and the final response was "That card is unprintable." Why? Because it's too much of a razor's edge. It's a useless card (because it will kill you) until you build a deck with 130 cards in it, and then it wins you the game.

That was the theory, at least. In 2013, Wizards printed Enter the Infinite and that pretty much put the lie to that response.

I wanted this effect to be about as fair as reasonably possible. Certainly Battle of Wits is cheaper, but your opponent has a round to respond, and you pretty much need a 230 card deck for that card. 130 is far easier to manage. Also, another common problem people like to cite for why you can't print this card is because of Laboratory Maniac, Obstinate Familiar, maybe Platinum Angel, etc., etc.. There aren't many of these cards, but enough have been printed that you can't just ignore them. I figure, let's just make removing your permanents from the table as part of the cost. Maybe the cards you shuffle in your library will help be the last few cards you draw, preventing you from killing yourself, while you're at it.

­Angel's Grace still works. But that increases the cost to 9 mana, and you lose at the beginning of your next turn. Hope you can kill the opponent on your upkeep, or at least move a card to your library before you draw. Besides, Angel's Grace is usually not a great card, so feel free to shove four in your deck and see if you can make it work for you.

But what is this card's name?

2022-06-12 04:24:03: jmgariepy edited NTC #100

­Century Wisdom

I once tried to design something in a similar vein, which although it didn't quite work I always loved: Crackling Inspiration

Jack's idea is really clever, to use the number '100' so cleanly.

I can't think of a way to beat that - and I probably wouldn't have gone that route in the first place without seeing his so it feels a little unfair to even try - but its still very clever so im going to go for a more silver-bordered answer.

Name: Arcanis' 100 Tips To Reach Omnipotence

Type: (Legendary) Sorcery

I don't think adding legendary breaks this card, right? Also it may make it a bit stronger to also have it become a Tribal - wizard card, since that could potentially proc some triggered stuff you have in play (ideally giving you a board for after you shuffle it all away, or at least allowing you to pad your deck a bit more).

--Then again I dont know if there is a card off the top of my head that has you create or summon permanents by playing wizards. Not sure how the timing would work out anyway. There probably are cards that do something synergistic when playing wizards tho--

This is already long, but I will say I was strongly considering changing 100 Tips, to 99 Tips, since the 100th would obviously be omniscience itself - whatever that means anyway, arcanis is a strange card with unclear and mysterious flavor text in the first place. to my knowledge he (IIRC technically 'they' due to unconfirmed gender [or possible none like Karn] but the name sounds masculine to me) isnt even a lore character?

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