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CardName: Revitalizing Rain Cost: GW Type: Sorcery Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Exile up to two target nontoken permanents, then return them to the battlefield under their owner's control. Creatures returned this way gain haste until end of turn. Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Name That Card Uncommon

Revitalizing Rain
Exile up to two target nontoken permanents, then return them to the battlefield under their owner's control. Creatures returned this way gain haste until end of turn.
Updated 6 days ago by jmgariepy

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2020-07-26 08:48:54: jmgariepy created and commented on the card Revitalizing Rain

Welcome back to name that card! Two quick things to note with this card:

This is a sorcery. Don't make the mistake of naming this like it's a combat trick.

I chose {g}{w} because I felt that was the most interesting combination for this card. But if you'd like to name this card based on a {r}{w}, {u}{r}, {u}{g} or {w/u}{r/g} casting cost, feel free to. Just make sure you indicate the color combination with the name so when people vote, they know what you were going for.

Last line says 'haste' twice. Also, shouldn't it say "Creatures exiled this way" rather than 'returned this way'? Or, if you don't like that, maybe "Creatures that ETB this way"?

So, I guess the point of this card is to

  1. Trigger ETB effects
  2. Remove enchantments from minions
  3. Give two minions haste

­{g} is like secondary or tertiary in haste, right? So this card being {w}{g} seems super weird. I guess it's not a color pie break, but certainly seems like a bend, to me.

My name suggestion is, Squadron Tactics... the flavor is that you can either deploy two units, or take out an injured soldier for another, or just remove two soldiers from the war.

The flavor isn't all there, but this is really hard to name, since it can hit opposing creatures and has several combinations of what it can do.

The name also feels super {w} and lacks any {g}... If this only hit your own creatures, and it was {w}{r}, I would have called it, Double Deployment... if it were {u}{g}, I'd go with, Failed Fusion...

Consider as many of those names as you like. My personal favorite is Double Deployment, but it might be overbearing to suggest three names.

Failed Fusion is also pretty good, but doesn't work at all for {w}{g}... unless the flavor was a beast-bonding gone wrong, perhaps? or a nature-bonding... or something like that.

Cleansing Breath

Shamans of the Rhynn Foothills have mastered the art of breathing with body and spirit alike, blessing them with unyielding vigor and immunity from lesser ills.

2020-07-26 23:35:21: jmgariepy edited Revitalizing Rain

Oops. Thanks for the double haste. I'm unsure about 'creatures returned this way' too. But a permanent might be a creature when it is exiled, and another permanent when it returns to the battlefield, so I'm uncertain that 'creatures exiled this way' is appropriate. Even if the rules say that's fine, players might still find that confusing.

As for haste, I'm quoting MaRo from a 2019 article, because this admittedly confusing:

"Haste, which was originally primary in red, secondary in black, and tertiary in green has now swapped black and green so that green is now secondary and black is tertiary (used mostly on creatures coming from the graveyard and the occasional creature with something like flying that red and green doesn't do). This change was made because Play Design has needed haste as a tool for green, and the general feeling was it did more for green to have haste than black. Black and red also overlap in menace, so we still had a mechanic for things like black-red hybrid. The reason this came up in Ravnica Allegiance was because of the riot mechanic, which was a bit of a stretch when green was tertiary in haste."

Here's the weird thing about that. I just went and did a search for "Green / Haste / Standard" in Gatherer and came back with zero results. I agree that I'd like to see more haste in green, since I think it makes sense on a number of green archetypal creatures (Elves alone seem like a fine place to start adding haste.) But if there are no green creatures with haste in Standard, I'm guessing that MaRo wasn't right about 'Play Design needing it as a tool'. Obviously they don't.

2020-07-26 23:54:55: jmgariepy edited Revitalizing Rain

Oh, and also there are other reasons why you might use sorcery speed flicker. Here's some more:

  1. Reset a card that loses/gains counters.
  2. Untap permanents / pseudo-vigilance.
  3. Regain control of permanents that were stolen from you (or give back permanents to owner.)
  4. Activate a tap ability a second time (thanks to haste.)
  5. Mana filtering, or possibly ramping.
  6. Planeswalkers can use their minus abilities, reset their counters, then activate a second time.

­Dawn Assignation

I was thinking something "Cleanse" too, so let's move on to this interpretation.

I remember when they made green tertiary in haste, Mark saying they really wanted to keep red having most of the common haste to give it that identity in most formats, but there were some cards that just really needed haste and didn't fit, so they tried to reflect that. I think it may even have been red primary, none secondary, green/black tertiary but I'm not sure.

So partly in not surprised that it may be a sometimes thing. Or maybe, that the decision only really gets made as sets get passed between the different design teams, so it takes some years to really be agreed, and Mark, writing articles now, is trying to capture what happened several years ago.

I guess that he's writing about it suggests that that decision stayed true for a few years, but maybe it'll be a few years before we actually see those green haste cards at all...

My first thought, heavily influenced by the {g}{w} colours, is "Refreshing Rain". Annoyingly that's a card though. I could see this as Revitalising Rain though.

Or with a completely different flavour, how about Alter Destiny? In one sense that name feels like a combat trick, but I think it also works for a flavour of something big and weighty like a sorcery.

Teferi's Teleportal {w/u}{r}

In a sense flicker is brief phasing. Dominantly {w/u}.

Haste as combat trick is actually Boros {w/r} nowadays.

Reminds of suspend mechanic when permanents enter from exile with haste. {u/r}

­Teleportal was already taken, so rebranded to Teferi, as relates to time and space magic.

2020-08-03 00:02:32: jmgariepy edited Revitalizing Rain

Four-way split. I got to admit that I like Revitalizing Rain out of the four, though, so I'm going with that.

­NTC #040 in a couple of days!

I like the flavour even more seeing it written in properly with the cost.

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