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CardName: Need Help for a Simic Mechanic Cost: g/u Type: Request - Design Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: I am having so much trouble with my {G}{U} "Dignified" faction in pemberly. Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Conversation None

Need Help for a Simic Mechanic
Request – Design
I am having so much trouble with my {g}{u} "Dignified" faction in pemberly.
Updated on 23 Oct 2019 by continuumg

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2019-09-25 14:49:24: continuumg created and commented on the card Need Help for a Simic Mechanic

I need a mechanic that meets the following criteria

  • Fits in {g}{u}

  • Represents the concept of Dignity

The other faction themes are {r}{u} Art (Looting), {b}{g} Inheritance (Sacrifice), {w}{b} Wealth (Lifegain), and {r}{w} Glory (Tokens)

Any help would be appreciated

Huh. The GU overlap is pretty much "growth" - green more literally, blue conceptually. Dignity in that - growing older? "Aging" perhaps? Might combine well with Inheritance?

Mechanically; I guess the obvious is acumulating (time?) counters and those being used to power the card up (rather than being spent). So either "Aging 3: Thing (this gains a time counter every turn, once it has 3: Thing)" or "Aging (this gains a time counter every turn): Thing equal to number of time counters on it". For green, the obvious use of time counters ifs flat out X/X stats. For blue, cost reductions, card draws, you know th thing.

If you need something more tightly mechanical, I'm stumped.

Ok; came up with another - define "Dignified" as "Untapped".

Blue gets untaps, green gets vigilance. Presentation of not needing to hurry, things going at their own pace. Mechanic could be having different stats while untapped; or maybe even hexproof while untapped.

It's still not a keyword mechanic though.

It could be an ability word. "Dignified - As long as ~ is untapped, ..."

I love the ability word you offered dude... this mechanic would be real sweet if continuumg is building a tempo archtype.

However, it might be difficult to represent the flavor of dignity through being untapped...

(The idea of using counters that vitenka first presented is also a very good idea mechanically, and doesnt have to fit any flavor we've said so far, depending on wha you name your counter it could be whatever)

i dont know the flavor of your world, but ancient treefeolk and elder scholars seem pretty cool... so aging might be neat... however it doesn't scream dignity to me

All in all, I'm in favor of some sort of counter simply because I think they might be more mechanically interesting and that they also could more easily represent any sort of flavor.. however the mechanic might end up being parasitic.

OOOOOOOOH! Vitenka! Yes. I love it. Gonna draw up some test cards

Or perhaps a bonus on spells if you control more untapped than tapped creatures, or a certain number of untapped creatures? That would allow other creatures with vigilance to synergize with the mechanic

Oh yes! I love those flavour-colourpair parings. Dignity seems to fit really well. I particularly like that it fits into the useful mechanic space where you always CAN use it, it's not a null ability by itself (by having only one creature in play, or using it without tapping any creatures first) but it's a lot better with support creatures.

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