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CardName: MtG Salvation Cost: Type: Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: MtG Salvation is being shut down. Is anyone else sad about that? Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Conversation None

MtG Salvation
MtG Salvation is being shut down. Is anyone else sad about that?
Updated on 11 Jul 2019 by Link

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2019-05-29 04:52:18: Link created the card MtG Salvation

Woah, what? I didn't use the site, but that was an institution


I haven't posted there regularly in ages, but it's like, THE Magic forum.

Also was the original Magic Wiki. I'm sure a number of the links in my articles are broken because I linked to some obscure pre-Modern lore on their website.

Gone the way of the Magic Dojo, I suppose. To be honest, it's surprising they lasted as long as they did, considering how infrequently forums are used nowadays. You know, I Googled "Magic the Gathering Forum" and it's still the first two entries on the front page. Entry three was Tapped Out. Entry four was a Reddit page asking where to go for a good MTG forum. MTG Salvation took the number one and two spot on that page, too.

The wiki and the forum are separate, so the wiki will survive.

Wondering why I put so much effort into recovering my posts over there recently...

Curse and Twitch now have all they wanted, I assume.

Yeah, they basically got what they wanted out of it and then dumped it.

I almost never posted, but I enjoyed reading threads and MtG Salvation was my preferred site during spoiler season.

Twitch doesn't actually own MTGS anymore. They sold it to Fandom (Wikia) a few years ago. Fandom also owns HearthPwn, a major Hearthstone deck building site, and just announced they're shutting that down too

"A few years"?? the hell are you talking about. The sale of Curse to Fandom was first announced in, like, early december and completed last February.

Honestly what upsets me is that Fandom has no plans (literally: I asked and they told me so!) to undo the twitch account requirement of Gamepedia, so Twitch gets to have its cake and eat it too. That enforced account merger had prompted me to stop going there (though I do miss contributing to MTG wiki), so I feel little sadness over it.

It does seem odd this spate of site shutdowns suddenly, though.

Oh you're right, I misread the dates. Curse acquired MTGS in 2012, Twitch acquired Curse in 2016, and Fandom acquired MTGS this past December

So, Salvation was bought off Fandom by Magic Find, but the staff are still going forward with their new project MTG Nexus. Will be interesting to see how it turns out.

Both will die because the community is getting tugged two ways. At least that was my first idea upon hearing this, note: i've never used Salvation, but I frequently lurk the 'pedia

Oh, these site-sales are definitely removing a week or two of heartbeats from my life span...

Staff will move on to MtGNexus and I'll probably use this opportunity to be active in both communities until I figure out which of the two sites turns out to be more to my liking.

I assume the staff will take its so-called strict policies over to the new site and continue to not be lenient, so I have high hopes for MtGNexus.

Sadly they didn't go for MtGExodus as a name.

I don't see both dying any more than before. There are plenty of minor MtG-sites with forums that just go on existing on relatively small communities. That said MtGSalvation already was on the brink of death, so worst case that still happens, but at some later point. /shrug

EDIT: Fun Fact: MtG Nexus is a youtube-channel. They also have a new website starting two days ago... is that it? It doesn't seem like it. Are two sites called almost the same starting out at about the same time? Maybe a name change is still in order.

So MagicFind apparently doesn't take care of MtGSalvation and the forum is down. Unimpressive work there.

i dont wanna be a negative jerk but im like 90% sure that this is just the start of the craposity.

­:O Lots of good threads and custom design in general is gonna get lost to time with MTGSalvation going

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