Ma'at Breached 2.0

Ma'at Breached 2.0 by 10vernothin

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78 commons, 73 uncommons,
53 rares, 14 mythics, 1 token

1 token colourless, 1 colourless, 7 white, 7 blue, 7 black, 7 red,
7 green, 112 multicolour, 41 hybrid, 11 artifact, 18 land

101 comments total

second set of Weh'jed (2.0) This is now a large set using the L-L format

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Artifact Creature – Shabti Wizard
When Cracked Mystic enters the battlefield, put a warp counter on target land.
Each land with one or more counters on it is a Mountain in addition to its other types.
Choose one:
- Destroy target creature.
- Counter target noncreature spell.
Creature – Human Rebel Wizard
{1}{w}, {t}: Put a +1/+1 counter on target artifact creature.
"It is time that the Ushabti start thinking about their own livelihoods instead of their masters'."
Artifact Creature – Shabti Warrior
Brought to Life{1}{w}: Artifact creatures you control get +1/+1 until the end of turn. Activate this only if there are one or more counters on Purposeful Recruit.
Creature – Human Rebel
Flash, haste
Whenever you cast an instant spell, put a +1/+1 counter on Blastcaster and another target creature you control.
{x}{r}{w}, {t}: You may cast target red or white instant card you own from exile with converted mana cost X or less without paying its mana cost.

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On Secrets Unveiled:
On Bloodrage Djinn:

Interesting ability. Nearly impossible to kill, but costs 3 mana a turn for 3 damage seems balanced, probably. Template suggestion: "At the beginning of each end step or whenever ~ becomes the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls, return ~ to its owner's hand."

On Ma'at Breached 2.0:

Draft meta:

1st set: ALW-ALW-ALW

Both sets: for an even pod, have equal amounts of packs of ALW and MTB, then put all packs in a central pile. For a odd pod, the extra pack will be of the pod's choice (vote). Then starting from the first drafter, each player chooses 3 packs at random.

This is to showcase chaos.

On Catacomb Trapper:

I think a 5 mana repetitive kill spell is fine, especially in context of the block, which sees 1/5 of its permanent as artifact.

On Catacomb Trapper:

It's like a veilborn ghoul relly

On Catacomb Trapper:

Geez this is good, almost a rare tbh

On Shrine to Nu'un:

i think i have a headache

On Morphic Charm:

keep in mind that this is a common. I can't make it TOO good.

On Morphic Charm:

aside from that this is a really cool take on charms

On Morphic Charm:

black & white feel pretty underpowered compared to the other three. not sure if that was the idea, but if it isn't then could consider making white generate a 1/1 and black discard a card?

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