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A Magic set based on Worm, by Wildbow. SPOILERS (probably). Open to all.

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In case it's not obvious - spoilers!!!

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Legendary Creature – Endbringer
Flying, Indestructible
When Simurgh, Tinkernest enters the battlefield, each player reveals their library and puts all artifact cards directly into play.
At the end of each player's turn, they must sacrifice an artifact.
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2017-10-09 13:08:49 by Vitenka
Creature – Human
{t}: Untap all other creatures you control. They gain hexproof until end of turn. If it's the combat phase, remove them all from combat and after this step, there is an additional declare attackers and declare blockers step.
last 2017-09-25 12:47:43 by Vitenka
Legendary Creature – Endbringer
If The Simurgh would be destroyed, regenerate it.
Whenever another creature without a fate counter on it attacks or blocks, put a fate counter on it.
Whenever a creature with a fate counter attacks or blocks, destroy all attacking creatures and all blocking creatures.
last 2017-09-25 12:44:17 by Vitenka
Legendary Creature – Human
You may look at the top card of any library. (You may do this at any time. You may lie about it.)
[Interpolation] would tell the host exactly how much it was going to hurt, because punches to the face are also power.
last 2016-07-01 03:23:56 by jmgariepy
Legendary Creature – Serpent Horror
Double Strike, Indestructible
Whenever Leviathan, Endbringer becomes blocked, put a tide counter on each of up to two target non-basic lands with the same controller as that creature. Those lands are islands (This effect lasts indefinitely). Then, if there have been no extra combats this turn and all non-basic lands the defending player controls are islands, untap Leviathan and there is an additional combat step after this one.
last 2016-09-15 09:07:26 by Vitenka

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On Simurgh, Tinkernest:

So the one big thing that fannon seems to focus on is that one fight where Simurgh brought a bunch of tinker tech together; and it started going deeply wrong.

Everyone gets to put their ridiculous combo directly into play. About as wrong as it gets.

On Coil:

Oh, huh; I made a whole suite of spells "Target two, opponent chooses one, bad thing" - that would be perfect as coil's schemes. Maybe coil himself doesn't need to appear on screen?

On The Simurgh:

She's a huge angel of doom. She doesn't usually kill directly; but by proximity and those who hear her scream are sure to bring disaster, later.

... she's a banshee.

And; huh; Midnight Banshee is a really good mechanical fit. The whole "Don't stay in combat too long" thing.

On Leviathan, Endbringer:

It seems like a lot of words, to be honest. While the top down flavour is nice; the actual effect is "Um, uh, ok, so this happens then - no, we had that... do we get a? Right, no extra combat this turn."

I'd ideally like there to be some unifying mechanic for the end-bringers. The obvious candidate, given their periodic nature would be to replace indestructible with:

When ~ dies, you may search your library for an endbringer card with a different name, reveal it, and put it on top of your library.

I'd also suggest replacing the tide counters with just "When ~ attacks, destroy target land"

And I'm running out of room; but I also do rather like the idea of turning stuff into islands, but more simply. "Mana is blue UEOT"?

On Leviathan, Endbringer:

It's an 8-drop finisher. I'm pretty sure it's okay to lock the opponent out with that. It still has to survive for a turn after you get your eighth land to even begin the process. An additional few turns to hit every land.

On Leviathan, Endbringer:

Removed "in addition," but added an additional clause to keep it from just locking non-blue players out of the game.

As for Double Strike, Leviathan's water shadow makes me think it's odd for him not to have it. I mean, it's a signature power that lets him hit everything twice, what else would I put there?

On Leviathan, Endbringer:

Pretty wordy. If you wanted to be really mean, you could save space by removing the "in addition to their other types" bit.

Also, I'm not really feeling the double strike.

On Leviathan, Endbringer:

put a tide counters on each up to two land defending player controls

On Miss Militia:

Mmm. Templating that would be tricky. I guess one way to do it would be to use the choice word technology seen on Frontier Siege and friends. I guess that'd look something like...

{2}: Choose rifle, shotgun, bazooka, magnum or bayonet. Miss Militia has the most recent choice's bonus:
• Rifle - Reach
• Shotgun - First strike
• Magnum - Vigilance
• Bazooka - +2/+0
• Bayonet - +0/+2

Even with funky technology like that, I'm not sure that's better. It forces you to try to isolate one Magic representation of an Earth gun, which isn't going to be very natural. It brings more flavourful terminology onto this card, which is good in microcosm, but somewhat weird in the context of the whole set, given Miss Militia is a moderately forgettable character on the opposite side to Skitter; it'd make us want to use that kind of wording on a bunch more cards. It might be enough to push her up to rare, when personally I feels like uncommon would be more suited (and the set may well be short of concepts simple enough to be uncommon or common).

On Miss Militia:

Huh. You're right about the rules, but I'm not sure if I'd have remembered. But I think this does "the obvious thing" enough most people will get it right. I guess she can do "gain vigilance/reach, attack/block, then gain first strike", but that's probably in-theme.

Would there be any way to include a power-pump or two (+1/+0, or maybe two different ones, one with a toughness bonus, if the cost worked out)? That's probably too complicated, but it seems a shame she has weapons which don't pump her.

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