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A world were a controlling empire suppresses citizens, smaller kingdoms, and nature itself.

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On Rallikar (reply):

White common is done! Please make suggestions for replacements or edits, bring holes to my notice, and tell me if anything is horrible!

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Rise Against deals X damage to target Citizen or Officer creature, where X is the number of Citizens and Officers on the battlefield.
Over the Lines deals 3 damage to target player.
If that player controls three or more untapped creatures, Over the Lines deals 5 damage to that player instead.
Two creatures may not block this turn.
Active- If you have tapped three or more creatures you control since your last upkeep, no may block this turn.
Creature – Boar
When enters the battlefield, you may pay {g}{g}. If you do, Volatile Boar fights target creature.
Creature – Boar
First Strike.
Whenever Stampeding Embertusk attacks, it gains +2/-2.
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2013-06-11 16:41:48 by Alex

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On Flamekin Armorer:

Thank you! And yea, I will have to work on that flavor text. Any suggestions?

On Flamekin Armorer:

Awesome! A great common. Fits into the category of "1-drops that are still useful on turn 8", as well, which is excellent. It's like a creature version of Shuko.

The only criticism I can think of is that the flavour text doesn't sound like a flamekin :)

On Stampeding Embertusk:

First strike and fight aren't a very good combination. People will get confused over whether first strike affects fight - whether this can target a 3/3 and kill it before it fights back. (It can't.)

Also, repeatable removal and repeatable attack triggers are neither very suitable for common.

On Back to Work:

Oh yes, there's Morbid Plunder too. Which you can indeed just cast with zero targets if you really want to trigger Extort or whatever.

On Back to Work:

Or, you know, Death's Duet. Which is kind of old, but I haven't seen any modern magic cards invalidating it.

I should probably point out that you would technically have one over on Death's Duet by adding "Up to two" instead of requiring two. That's admittedly... a bit confusing for a player who just wants to discard cards. I don't know if you could cast that spell with zero targets, and the intent to just discard cards.

On Back to Work:

No, this makes a little bit more sense. Converging on a sensible price :) Currently we're worse than Macabre Waltz in two ways though.

On Back to Work:

Pay three cards (one is this one), and three mana, to get two creatures back from the graveyard to your hand.

... Raise Dead twice. Still not seeing the utility here.

On Back to Work:

Now this is just embarrassing. I just thought to come back to this set yesterday; I wasn't really thinking about it. thank you!

On Incite Revolt:

No, didn't mean that. I meant... Oh. False Demise is blue; that's why I couldn't find it in Black. ­Unhallowed Pact is the one I was thinking of; though Shade's Form is better.

On Incite Revolt:

You mean Suppress. It was a sorcery. A good one, too... though no one used it but me. It could make some funny openings. Dark Ritual plus Suppress meant that, if your opponent didn't draw a land, they did nothing on turn one. Then, if they went second, they'd need to discard a card. Also of note: Stifle...

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