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15 random cards from the set.
You could alternatively have a booster in the usual rarity pattern.
Creature – Sliver
What do you think about the return of Slivers for the core set?
Pursuant to article Community Set / Universe > Planeswalker, whereby such a discussion regarding how walking the planes was desired in the main game. Hereby resides the unofficial meta-discourse of the possible creation of such a new card type to be introduced into the normal game.
Has anybody tried it? What do you think?
Story-Based Block means the story determines which plane the block takes place.
Both of them are probably capable of traversing planes so this could be a battle that is raging on in many planes at the same time across the multiverse.
Creature – Dwarf
Lots of syntax changes, new card qualities, new keyword variants and more. See comments for details.
Not really a conversation point per se, but someone requested an update to the creature ratios for each color for a design skeleton. May be of interest.
How do you decide what creatures fill your original planes?
Update – Rules

Slivers in M14 (uncommon)
Plane: the card type (mythic)
Magic Origins Mechanics (none)
The Spoils (none)
Tammy/Jenny/Spike (none)
Story-Based Block (none)
Block Idea: Eldrazi vs Phyrexians (none)
Enemy Color Pie (none)
Colored lands (none)
White Dwarfs (none)
[Spoilers] Dominaria Design Changes (none)
The Community Set (none)
Updated creature ratios (none)
Everyone ok in real life? (none)
Populating Your Planes (none)
M14 Rules Update (token)