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15 random cards from the set.
You could alternatively have a booster in the usual rarity pattern.
discussion thread for this year's state of design
In English there has been a push for a singular gender-neutral pronoun. If one is "officially" added to English how do you think it would alter the format of how cards are phrased? If a "new" pronoun, like xe is added, would the cards be "he, she, or xe discards..."? If they were to also become a singular gender-neutral pronoun would that just become the default "that they controls"? Alternatively pronouns could probably be avoided entirely with by just referencing a person as player "unless that player pays..."
The march update for EDH now allows a player to return their commander to the command zone if their commander would be sent to their hand or shuffled into their library.
i made a new card in my dump but it doesnt show up on the recent updates
Creature – Sliver
What do you think about the return of Slivers for the core set?
Has anybody tried it? What do you think?
Modal spells now use bullets. Choose one —
• That's really cool!
• I don't care.
• What? That's ridiculous!
Request – Design
I am having so much trouble with my {g}{u} "Dignified" faction in pemberly.
Legendary Artifact
What was your favorite set and the worst part about it?
What was your least favorite set and the best part about it?
Update – Rules

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State of Design 2019 (none)
Tammy/Jenny/Spike (none)
Gender-neutral pronoun (none)
Tucking commanders now optional (none)
Need help for a rakdos mechanic (none)
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Vehicles and other in Kaladesh (none)
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Slivers in M14 (uncommon)
The Spoils (none)
Formatting Change on Modal Cards (none)
Need Help for a Simic Mechanic (none)
Rethinking Apocalypse Chime (mythic)
GDS3 Set Questions (none)
M14 Rules Update (token)