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WB1 Spirits team up against RGU Elementals

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On So Ling 素靈 (reply):

Blog site for So Ling, with full paragraph exposition of the set and design process, and actual card images with art.

On So Ling 素靈 (reply):

Just wanted to say this cardset looks fascinating. I'm very interested to see where you take the alliance between {w}{b}{1} and the alliance between {u}{r}{g}, and the conflicts between them.

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On Lai Kaa-Ming:

So not only was this concept of white+black planeswalker themed around exile zone created at least five years before WotC's Kaya, this particular card with these specific abilities was created eight years before Kaya, Orzhov Usurper.

On Civil Law:

so certain effects like threaten still work

still looks better than default rendering.

On Civil Law:

The full-image on this card is both blank and huge, by the way.

On Civil Law:

... What?! It's intentional that you can still drop Trygon Predator and have it gain haste with Reckless Charge? That's as unintuitive as it gets. What is percent of players that know with certainty how that works and how likely would they convincingly explain that to other players? That's just absurd.

I don't why you would want to enable that, but then at least slap some reminder there like "(Spells and abilities can still grant haste.)" although I don't know if that just mostly makes the card more confusing.

On Civil Law:

the loophole is intentional.

the difference is haste only matters on the first turn creature enters play. that's why it doesn't matter much if players want to go through hoops to give creatures haste. also considering the second ability, there's still limitation to how far haste will help.

On Civil Law:

I believe Wizards later concluded that wording was overkill, though, and printed Arcane Lighthouse with a slightly trimmed-down template.

On Soul-tearing Wail:

This a 3 mana wrath with tribal interactions - a strictly better Day of Judgment. Absolutely format warping. Why is it soooo cheap? WotC has been for some time averting printing wraths that cost less than 5 mana with Supreme Verdict being the exception in that it's hard to cast.

On Civil Law:

"Creatures can't have or gain haste." (Archetype of Aggression)

On Interrupt:

4 years before they printed something similar Insidious Will

On Curse // Bless:

Amuseum, your examples are all quite different from this effect. They each return the creature under its owner's control. I would argue that this ability may not be in White's pie anymore. White doesn't really get creature-stealing effects.

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