Karadisia: Dyschromia

Karadisia: Dyschromia by amuseum

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Abnormal alteration of the colors

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On Karadisia: Dyschromia (reply):
  • all artifacts are colored
  • all enchantments are colorless
  • color shifted
  • color replaced? ex. pink <=> red
  • Panda - sentient race - Bear subtype?
  • pandemonium?
  • volatile magic
  • Bloodstone Fen -like?
  • 5 goddesses - 5 paragons - 5 personae/avatars
  • 5 colored god - unity of 5
  • mechanic - if paid with [C] | [non-C] mana, [effect]
  • express the strength of 5
  • express the 5 when separated
  • world of Idols and Fans
  • Idol worship, fan service, fan clubs
  • Plane name: Karadisia

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Enchantment – Aura
Enchant creature

When Royalties enters, produce {c}{c} or two mana of any color.

Enchanted creature has "{t}: Produce {c} or one mana of any color."
Enchantment – Aura
Enchant land or artifact

Enchanted permanent has "{1}, {t}: Produce one mana of any color."

Enchanted permanent has "{4}, {t}: Produce one mana of any color. Repeat this four more times".
Whenever you're dealt damage, put that many charge counters on Herbal Cabinet.

At the beginning of your upkeep, you may remove three charge counters from Herbal Cabinet. If you do, create a [Food] token.
last 2022-11-02 20:01:26 by amuseum
Enchantment – Aura
Enchant creature or Campaign

Enchanted permanent gets +1/+1.

Blue or Black synchromia — If Blue or Black mana was paid to cast this spell, enchanted permanent has eludes power 2 or less.
last 2022-11-02 19:58:50 by amuseum
Creature – Human
Protection from Campaigns

Skeptical Cynic can't enroll Campaigns.

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On Herbal Cabinet:

this is part of a cycle and fits perfectly as is -- cycle, flavor, nostalgia, confluence of past, present, and future designs.

frankly at this point there are no difference in artifacts and enchantments. it's only the whims of the designers, flavor, and colorspace.

the only difference is there are (almost) no colorless enchantments. hence this set idea. i doubt a forgotten effect like this is breaking point of this set. plenty of room for colorless enchantments to shine.

"Creatures you control get +1/+1" is rarely colorless, and even then conditionally. so such a white artifact (the-circle-of-loyalty) is actually very fitting. yet i already have colorless banner for 3 -- Pandom Banner

On Discreet Street Attire:

synchromia / dischromia should theoretically lead to better decisions in limited environments.

colorless spells shouldn't mean having a barrier against colors. interaction between colorless and colors is just as meaningful.

no memory issues in digital games. not going to be bogged down by severe constraints of paper games.

On Herbal Cabinet:

You get more life per round (in 2-player) if you pay extra mana: {2} for 1 extra life; this after playing a more color intensive card.

Sure Food might have more strong interactions, but gaining life every upkeep rather than once per turn cycle can have its own benefits. I consider it a wash to be better/worse with Ajani's Pridemate.

I'd call the two artifacts not too different, but you decided to shift the card up to rare as well.

Additionally, in a set that has a sub-theme of making colored artifacts and colorless enchantments you chose an effect that did fit better on an enchantment than on an artifact to represent a colored artifact. That's a bit questionable.

What's the point in this theme, if you might as well just make a white artifact for {1}{w}{w} that has "Creatures you control get +1/+1."?

On Herbal Cabinet:

The original inspiration for this and Sun Droplet, is the green enchantment Aura Living Artifact. Thus this is the return to the original color. Also all artifacts in this set are colored; thus Green seems very appropriate.

Food token gives 3 life. So you actually could gain more life per round than Sun Droplet (for 2-player game). It does scale worse for more players. OTOH Food tokens can also have more interactions outside of its own ability.

On Aethercell Biomech:

Now we go from infinite to finite, but is the card a good idea anyway? To get three charges you give opponents 12 life and now have a 6/6 creature with lifelink and got yourself 6 life.

That seems still quite stall-y for an uncommon. Might be me, but this card seems unappealing.

On Herbal Cabinet:

Seems like a worse version of the uncommon Sun Droplet.

That is also one of those artifacts that back then was an artifact only for being a colorless card with generic mana cost. In-color this doesn't seem like an artifact.

It would be a small upgrade is you could e. g. "{1}, {t}: Add a charge counter." Would still feel like an uncommon to me, but also more like an artifact. Maybe "{t}, Sacrifice a Food: You gain 3 life."? That way it would support the Food "tribe".

On Street Casting:

on the surface, maybe . . .

On Rise of the Pandas:

With the Beast Within-retraction thisis explicitly not green, but rather white.

The global nature underlines this IMO.

On Street Casting:

As the person paying mana, it seems, you never get a good deal out of this.

On Street Casting:

Are you abnormally altering rarities, too? This is rare level complexity.

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