Retards of the Bay: Virtual Booster

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This booster was generated with modern collation since the cardset contains mythics: 1 rare / mythic, 3 uncommons, 10 commons, 1 basic land.
You could alternatively have 15 random cards regardless of rarity.
You roll a d6. Gain that much life.

Each opponent rolls a die. Each opponent whose die value matches your die value loses that much life and sacrifices a creature.
No more commons
No more commons
No more commons
No more commons
No more commons
No more commons
Creature – Elf Farmer

Once per game, Sorcerous, {t}, Exhaust a Human: Breed Elf and/or Human in 4 (Dig 4 for any number of Elf and/or Human creature cards, reveal them, put them into your hand, and tuck the rest randomly.).
Search your library for a basic or Erection land card, put it onto the field tapped, then shuffle. If you get an Erection this way, gain 3 life.
Creature – Human Warrior

Gravecycle {2} ({2}, Exile this card from your graveyard: Draw a card.)
Basic Land – Mountain

Grixis Roulette (rare)
Slumber // Lumber (uncommon)
Oilcan // Cantrip (uncommon)
Barren // Entoil (uncommon)
Frigid // Rigid (common)
Elvish Breeder (common)
Erect Precedent (common)
Ragnarok Warrior (common)
Mountain (basic)