Hinterlands of Ghocamer

Hinterlands of Ghocamer by amuseum

93 cards in Multiverse

60 commons, 19 uncommons, 12 rares, 2 mythics

15 white, 14 blue, 21 black, 20 red,
10 green, 2 multicolour, 10 split, 1 artifact

16 comments total

Primary races: Kithkin Merfolk Vampire Pyrfolk Dryad

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On Shocking Bolt (reply):

Perhaps a new template for new direct damage spells going forward. A direct hit to the head startles the victim, causing them to lose focus.

(Inspired by the MTG: Arena novel.)

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Target creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn.

At the beginning of the next upkeep, it gets a +1/+1 counter.
Queen: A mother knowingly giving her son poison to consume.

Crown Prince: You would rather have me grow a tolerance to poison than see me be poisoned.
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2022-06-15 01:29:38 by amuseum
Creature – Kithkin Wizard
When Exhaust Scryer enters, create a Gift token (A colorless enchantment artifact with "Sorcerous, {2}, {t}, Sacrifice this permanent: Target permanent gets a +1/+1, charge, level, loyalty, or fate counter").

{1}, Exhaust an artifact token (tap an artifact token you control that are untapped): Scry 1.
last 2022-06-03 08:30:10 by SecretInfiltrator
Creature – Vampire Rogue
Moonlight Walker enters phased out.
When White Phase Removal enters, target creature or planeswalker phases out until White Phase Removal leaves. You gain life equal to the mana values of that permanent and all Attachment (Aura, Equipment, and/or Fortification)s attached to it.
Creature – Kithkin Soldier

When White Phaser enters, target nonland permanent phases out.

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On Tolerance to Poison:

lines from "Bloody Heart" ep. 13

a black mother shows tough love to her children. at first will be painful, but will grow stronger, if they survive the trial.

On Exhaust Scryer:
On Exhaust Scryer:

which keyword?

On Exhaust Scryer:

That much repeatable scrying at common could be an issue.

I still can't believe you made a keyword action that is literally just another already existing keyword action.

On Thief of Forbidden Scroll:

A common that can tutor a permanent and put it onto the battlefield circumventing any cost seems unlikely.

On Terrorbark Colossus:

this creature takes a bit of green and/or black abilities.

  • Indestructible = bg
  • Double strike = br
  • Reach = rg
  • Vigilance = gw
  • Protection = wb

I explain why I moved double strike to black: http://www.magicmultiverse.net/cardsets/367/comments#comment_122338

On Terrorbark Colossus:

Is double strike a black mechanic or a green mechanic to you?

On Shocking Bolt:

The only thing different about this card really seems to be the inverted symbol order in the mana cost. Otherwise it's a burn spell to the face + set mechanic. Wording really similar to well-known cards like Blightning.

On Shocking Bolt:

I don't understand. "To target player" has always been a valid template?

On Shocking Bolt:

You might be thinking of "exert".

> amuseum wrote: "the template doesn't change the valid targets"

It literally says "target player" for me.

> amuseum wrote: "it only adds an additional effect if a player was damaged this way"

Actually, the effect gets past absorb as it is worded.

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