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Looking forward to seeing the details page explaining the format.

Working on it. Been a bit sick. And still learning how this site works XD

Just curious. If someone sees this comment. Can you tell me if my page details is still blank? I posted the rules.

I can see the rules.

Your warzones work a bit like Attractions. What do you think of having a number reserved that is in each warzone's trigger range? I personally like the idea that you can just know all Attractions trigger if you roll a six.

Could you explain a little more? I guess I am not 100% how Attractions work or what you mean. Assign a trigger and then have the ability to use both anytime?

•New rule change to Warzones trigger range.

Once a turn you roll a six-sided die to visit Attractions. Each Attraction has some results marked as triggering its "visit" and others not. The slight twist is: No Attraction triggers on a 1, and every Attraction triggers on a 6.

So while results 2-5 require some checking to work out what happens, two of the six possible results are really easy to resolve. I think, that's neat.

Since you only ever have one warzone in play at a time there is little difference to 1,2,3 vs. 4,5,6, so maybe just using 4+, 3+, 5+ ranges makes more sense on warzones.

I really like that suggestion with the 3+, 4+, 5+ makes a lot of sense! Thank you.

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