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This set is a apart of Game Mode I created (with friends) called Battlefield which is made for multiple players and typically is theme related. It works very well with Commander. Testing is needed in other formats. rules in page details.

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Magic the Gathering, Game Mode: Battlefield


Battlefield is influenced by Planechase but functions much differently. I came up with it about 6 years ago. Sadly I dropped MtG for a while and only about 2 years ago have I really got back into it. I started playing with a friend who was one of the original people I tested my first version of Battlefield with. We started to talk about it, then a year and a half later, I developed some card creating skills and this version was the most successful and fun to play while still retaining the core idea of Battlefield. I want to thank my friends for helping me to have a working version of Battlefield, it still needs tweaking and adjustments but it functions well to post it on here for feedback to develop it.


Recommendation: 3-4 players,  Commander format has been the majority of my testing.

Codex Recommendation: Build a Codex to a theme. Person, place or thing. This can help keep the games fun and interesting as you play through the Codex. My first set I will be posting is Colosseum, though I have experimented with other themes such as 40k, Pokémon, DragonBall Z to name a few. 

Set up

One deck (Codex) of 40 cards.

10 Warzone cards

18 Enchantment cards

6 Disaster cards

6 Discovery cards

1 Six-sided die

Before starting the game shuffle the Battlefield Codex. A player draws until they have two Enchantment cards and one Warzone card, then they shuffle the rest in the Codex. The first Enchantment drawn is placed onto the battlefield, this Enchantment can't be replaced and is ongoing. This placement is the World Enchantment. Enchantment cards from the Battlefield Codex affect all players the same and at the same time (see rule Enchantments). The second Enchantment card drawn has the same rules as the World Enchantment but is able to be replaced (see rule How to Play). This placement is referred to as the Field Enchantment. The Warzone card has its own placement (see rule Warzones).

How to Play

Using Commander as the format, you will play as normal in a multiplayer setting using the Battlefield Codex similar to Planechase. Once the Battlefield is set up, there are several rules that differ from Planechase. The Warzone card is your central piece and is the motor to how Battlefield moves. Once you roll a number on the trigger range this allows you to use the Warzone or Retreat (see rule Warzones). Retreating allows you to draw a card from the Codex. Many things can take place. Drawing an Enchantment card will replace the current Field Enchantment, discarding the old one, effectively changing the battlefield. Drawing an Event card, you follow its instructions, discarding afterwards (see rule Events). Drawing a Warzone card will replace the current Warzone, discarding the old one, effectively changing available functions.


Enchantment cards from the Codex have special rules, they affect all players the same as if it "were" on their field of play. This matters, Enchantment cards from the Codex are not owned by any player, cards that need or use Enchantment cards can't claim the Codex Enchantment card. I will be making Enchantment cards in the set, but we have tested several normal Enchantment cards from MtG and they work fine. My recommendation is to choose cards that don't have too many confusing mechanics that can cause rule conflicts.


Event cards are typically single use cards you may run into while performing a Retreat, they consist of two types, Discovery and Disaster cards. Discovery cards typically target the player that draws it, most commonly in a positive way. Disaster cards typically target all players and tend to be negative. Although each Event card's effect depends on situations, library type and so on.


The Warzone card is a special function for Battlefield. The card has anywhere between 2 or 3 functions and the strengths of those functions depend on the card's rarity, when creating a Codex keep that in mind. Each Warzone card has sets of numbers where you normally would see power and toughness. This set of numbers is your trigger range. Rolling one of these numbers on the trigger range allows you to do one of two things. The player chooses one function that the Warzone card has or the player performs a Retreat (see rule How to Play). Typically Warzone cards are theme related as well, and the functions correspond to that theme. Example: Claiming Glory.


Any time the active player has priority and the stack is empty, but only during a main phase of their turn, that player may roll the battlefield die. Taking this action costs a player an amount of mana equal to the number of times they have previously taken this action on that turn. This is a special action and doesn’t use the stack. Note that this number won’t be equal to the number of times the player has rolled the battlefield die that turn if an effect has caused the player to roll the battlefield die that turn.

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On Last Stand (reply):

Many people go directly to cards and miss the front page.

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Enchantment – Field
Whenever you make a battlefield die roll, a nonland permanent you control has shroud until beginning of your next upkeep.
Enchantment – Field
{2}: Tap a creature you control, draw a card.
Put a 2/2 white Knight creature token with vigilance. You gain 5 life.
Roll again.
Each player taps a creature they control, it loses all abilities until it untaps, it doesn't untap on its controller’s next untap step.
Draw another card from the Codex.
Even the best warriors can hesitate, but during it matters whether you live or die.
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2022-01-21 18:42:33 by SecretInfiltrator
Enchantment – Field
At the beginning of your turn you may choose one or more -
• Skip your draw step, if you do, return an instant or sorcery card from your graveyard to your hand.
• Skip both Main Phases, if you do, put a card from your hand onto the battlefield.
• Skip your Combat, if you do, create a token that is a copy of a creature you control.
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2022-02-01 23:37:23 by Vitenka

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On Conviction to the Beasts:

More typical wording:

  • "Create a 2/2 green Cat creature token with menace."
  • "Target Cat creature you control fights target creature another player controls."
On Toilsome Circumspect:

Ughm that first one is just going to lead to "And now, for the rest of the game, I'm gonna cast this spell" without even having the grace of being risky and hard to quit it, like 'Epic' was.

Second one is... bizarre. Obviously really good since it lets you 0-drop {15} cost cards; but only one spell a turn. (Assuming it's skipping BOTH main phases. If only one then, uh, that's just ridiculously good).

And then you have the third one. Which; well, it's OK I guess? In comparison. It's still quite good if you're expecting it.

So yeah; wow - major gamechanging effects.

And now factoring in you both get it - but only for a few turns until it gets planeschase-died away? First effect becomes "meh", since sure, you can get a sorcery back a couple of times. You can't get your lock. Which is good because it's no longer boringly game-breaking; but just meh to use.

Second one is just as ridiculous - you still get to drop your ultra powerful card or two; and by the time it goes away, you probably don't have any more in hand. And the opponents side of the field is aso made ridiculous! I like this.

Third.. just got kind meh. "All my creatures are big!" "Well, so are mine" "... we acheived nothing this day." "Then let us fight!" "Except we explicitly chose not to to get the effect..." "Right, so. Huh. Kittens at 3 paces?"

On Benex, Colosseum of Undying:

Thank you for the engagement. I agree, I probably should come up with better things. To give an answer to why I don't assign a range to each funtions. We actually tested assigned numbers for a long time. We notice it slowed the game down, especially if your participating in Battlefield. This made my group of friends that tested Battlefield actually stop participating in it going into an ignore type of play, which basically turn it into a normal Commander game with a few enchantment effects. Then subsequently it also made the Codex obsolete, begin able to move through the codex was even slower.

I am always down to revisit and revise old ideas. That part of development ^^

On Benex, Colosseum of Undying:

Choose one —
Undeath — Return target creature card from your graveyard onto the battlefield.
Peer into the Veil — Surveil 3.
Benex's Curse — Mill fifteen cards.

The second and third mode on the same card seems a bit lame. Surveil already lets you fill the graveyard, so adding an accelerated mode takes away from that interaction.

The first mode seems also quite strong in comparison, making the different modes imbalanced.

Maybe this card and warzones overall coul be more interesting if they were templaed differently and your options were dependent on the die roll e. g.

Choose one with a matching result of the battelfield die—
Undeath — [1] Return target creature card from your graveyard onto the battlefield.
Peer into the Veil — [1][6] Surveil 3.
Benex's Curse — [6] Mill fifteen cards.

On Last Stand:

Makes sense XD

On Last Stand:

Many people go directly to cards and miss the front page.

On Ascending Stratum:

No not exactly. It is a Game Mode like Planeschase. I may have messed up on getting rules to be viewed on page details. I will post it again.

On Ascending Stratum:

Oh! So this format DOES have casting costs in it?

On Last Stand:

I am trying to find out. I post rules on the page details. Are they not showing?

On Battlefield: Colosseum:

Just curious. If someone sees this comment. Can you tell me if my page details is still blank? I posted the rules.

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