Dark Omens: The Lushwood

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The Empire, desperate for resources to feed its war machine; have abandoned all pretense of honouring the ancient treaty with the elves and have begun full-scale logging operations in the Lushwood.

The elves have unexpected but welcome allies in their efforts to resist the Valurians. The Lushwoods ancient guardians - the Treefolk, Dryads and other nature spirits - long dormant due to the low mana levels, have begun to stir as the flow of mana steadily increases. Now, the loggers begin to find themselves attacked by the very tress they seek to harvest and by the wildlife that previously fled their approach. Output has all but ground to a halt. With its armies engaged elsewhere, the Empire has come up with a radical solution. They have captured a young Intaki Queen and several other Intaki. Originally destined for the labs of the wizards in an attempt to devise a weapon against the insects, these specimens have been retasked as living weapons. Mistreated and Mishandled by Valurians magically disguised as elves, the queen and her entourage have been allowed to "Escape" into the Lushwood where they have formed a new hive bent on revenge against their torturers - The Elves.

Created on 14 Jan 2011 by Camruth