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Set on a mechanical plane composed entirely of artifacts.

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Artifact Creature – Horror
Mechanical Horror gets +2/+2 for each artifact attached to it.
last 2011-08-09 16:57:00 by DrugsForRobots
Artifact Creature – Human Soldier
When Salvager Guy enters the battlefield you may return target artifact card with converted mana cost 2 or less from your graveyard to your hand.
Artifact Creature – Construct
{t}: Put a +1/+1 counter on each artifact creature you control.
Artifact Creature – Dwarf Soldier

"We dwarves are natural sprinters – very dangerous over short distances!"
Worn Powerstone enters the battlefield tapped.
{t}: Add {2} to your mana pool.
last 2011-01-04 14:06:14 by DrugsForRobots

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On Card29478:

To be honest? I'd rather have this. Hearth Kami saw a lot of play, and this seems on par with that card. I know... red v. green. But still.

On Card29478:

I'd rather have Viridian Zealot, or normally Sylvok Replica.

On Grease Imp:

I'm sure black can get a Wind Drake now if it wants it. But, yes, this is much better than Wind Drake. It wouldn't be hard to imagine at uncommon, though.

On Grease Imp:

The ability should also say to remove all damage, otherwise it will keep getting destroyed by damage until the -1/-1 counters kill it.

On Card19099:

Card name: Patriotic Haiku Generator?

On Steamflogger Recruit:

I've seen the "tutor" take on it before, but not combined with a new subtype that can be attached to other artifacts. Nice thought. There's a slight flavour disconnect: you are doing some assembling, and there is a Contraption involved, but it doesn't quite feel like the Contraption is what's being assembled. But designing a Contraption mechanic that works in every aspect is really pretty hard, so this is a pretty good version.

On Steam:

Think I've finally figured out how to make assembling contraptions work. See: Steamflogger Recruit

On DrawSpell:

Lol. Yeah... as much as I love 'free' spells, I guess it's more trouble than it's worth. Haha. Thanks for the comments! :)

On DrawSpell:

I was thinking about this, and the funny thing is, even if you and your opponent don't have any cards that interact with your graveyard, and this card had a casting cost of {0}, I'd still pay the alternate cost. You gain more information that way. If I dumped 8 cards in my graveyard, and none of those cards are land, I now have a better than 50% chance that the next card I draw is a land. If it's round 3, and I've cast this spell twice, have seen about 22 of the cards in my deck by now, and I haven't seen one of my four copies of Doom Blade yet, then I know I have about an 11% chance of drawing a Doom Blade on my turn. I know few people do the math like that... but they can process it in similar vagaries.

On DrawSpell:

The alternate cost does make it hard to interact with scry type effects that stack the top of your deck, or any 'put on top of your deck' effects. But yes, apart from that, or facing a mill deck, it'd be pretty rare that I'd not use the alternate. Even if I get all four of these, that's less than half my deck gone, I'm in no danger of decking myself. And, as Visitor points out - if I've got any kind of graveyard fetching, or something like Bonehoard, then I WANT to dump my deck into my graveyard ASAP.

Edit: You kid, but oooh, that's a FUN idea.

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